Hey PB&J – An old-time favorite with a new twist!


Who doesn’t love PB&J’s (Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches)? This new, creative spin on an old-time favorite is definitely a hit, and the mobility of the foodtruck allows Hey PB&J to travel to numerous events during the ever-so busy Denver summer months. 


Looking up the street from the side of Hey PB&J truck. Credit: Kirsten June 2013

Such a hit within the community, you’d think that Hey PB&J had been around a while; however, they just started up their foodtruck engine in May 2012, says owner Matt McDonald. At this point, they have one truck, and constantly tour around Denver serving up their own deliciously sweet, savory, and spicy sandwiches. 



Ingredients include anything from a variety of fruit, special peanut butter, special jellies, Nutella, applewood smoked bacon – you name it. Take a peak at their menu here so the next time you run into them at an event, or parked on the street, you will have an idea of what to try first… and second!


Kat and Mitchell scoping out the Hey PB&J truck on the way to Westword Music Showcase. Credit: Kirsten Ebey June 2013


Yesterday, we had just gotten to Westword when we saw the truck, and were still stuffed from our morning meals, so we were unable to try all of the deliciousness that Hey PB&J has to offer. By the looks of their following on Facebook, and their eclectic. mouth-watering menu, this foodtruck is bound to find a favorite spot in our hearts and our bellies. 

Make sure you stop by and support this local foodtruck venture; here’s all of their info in case you forgot to click on the links in the pictures provided! Can’t wait to see you at Hey PB&J this summer.



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