Take Me Out to the Mountains

The mountains here are amazing, and provide great opportunity to get outside! I’m totally singing this song when Kat brings me hiking. Thanks, Feathered Aspen.

Feathered Aspen


Take me out to the mountains,
Take me up in the clouds;
Dress me in flannel like a lumberjack,
I don’t care if I never get back.
Let me clink, clink, clink with the ice axe,
If we don’t summit, it’s a shame.
For there’s Long’s, Torrey’s, Bierstadt, and Pike’s
In the old front range.IMG_1566[1]IMG_1568[1]IMG_1552[1]IMG_1564[1]IMG_1533[1]IMG_1567[1]IMG_1539[1]

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