Happy Day of Birth, Sprouts on Colfax!

I, amongst many others, have anticipated the opening of said beloved grocery store since the second week I moved to Denver, CO. With the opening of the Sprouts at 3625 E. Colfax Avenue in Denver, the opportunity to bike 4 blocks for groceries has arose, providing even GREATER opportunity for healthier shopping more often; in my eyes, this leads to a healthier lifestyle.


Grand Opening of Sprouts on Colfax, July 10, 2013. Cick on the picture to find other Sprouts locations to visit. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2013

Today marks the opening day of this great store, so of course I had to go and see how it was going. The store is PACKED, balloons are everywhere, and the sale prices are ridiculous: three red peppers for a buck? Yeah, I’ll take it! Although the lines are long, they move quickly, so don’t shy away once you walk in. Also, the staff is incredibly friendly – we can all imagine what kind of day they’ve had!

One bummer – Sprouts, where are all of the bike racks? It’s not cool to have your customers waiting outside for a spot on one of three rails, hoping that the shopping bikers inside come out soon. Might want to work on that small logistics piece, my friends.

Aside from that, WELCOME, SPROUTS! Welcome to the neighborhood! We’ve been eagerly waiting for your arrival, and thank you for providing us a place to buy good, wholesome food at sweet prices to reflect positively on our lives. See you in two days (or less).


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