Snow in October? That’s new…

20131018-124944.jpg The picture reflects my morning – beautiful, fluffy snow frosting everything in sight. In Michigan, this would be Christmas, if we were lucky enough to get snow, so I found myself in quite the festive mood.How long will it take me to set up tree?

Back to reality: it is October!
Definitely not used to the whole snow-before-Halloween thing, but it was fantastic to see this morning. I’ll never forget this morning, actually.

Fast-forward to this afternoon: the sun is high in the sky, and all of the snow has disappeared.

Colorado, you are crafty and awesome.


6 thoughts on “Snow in October? That’s new…

    • Michael, you’re the BEST!!!! Thanks! You must remember how shitty my windshield wipers are. haha I actually have a brush in the back of my car, too, which I feel shows how super prepared I am…. all of the time….. *cough*.

  1. I feel like you told me once you were from the Grand Rapids area? YOU DIDN’T HAVE SNOW IN MICHIGAN IN OCTOBER? We’re from two very different Michigan’s… My Michigan (Port Huron, Flint and Lansing) was covered in a foot of snow from Oct 15th-April 15th. hahahahhaa. Also, it looks like you live in my neighborhood… Are you in Cap Hill? =D

    • Sara, that’s funny you say that about Michigan – right as I posted this, I remembered this little place called the UP…. and obviously other areas that definitely get snow sooner rather than later! Last few years, GR has not had snow for Christmas. It’s been cold, but no snow. Usually comes in January, like the Snowmageddon we had two years ago! When I lived in Norton Shores, all the way to the west, it was different because of the lake effect snow. I live in City Park area!

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