Red Rocks – FINALLY!

Yesterday, my friend Jeff took me to Red Rocks. To tell you the truth, I’ve tried to visit Red Rocks multiple times: I wanted to check out a concert at the amphitheatre, but didn’t act quickly enough to purchase tickets. I wanted to participate in fitness events at Red Rocks, but always forgot to check their site for when Yoga on the Rocks was happening.

FINALLY – we hiked Red Rocks yesterday!

Not only a venue for concerts, weddings, and other events, Red Rocks has tons of trails for hiking and biking. Also, dogs are welcome! Red Rocks not only satisfies your appetite for much-needed exercise, but is also immensely aesthetically pleasing. We hit the trails around before dusk to catch a beautiful sunset over Denver. Check it out below!


View from near the stage – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Oct 2013


Hiking a trail at Red Rocks, Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Oct 2013


Red Rocks – view at dusk. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Oct 2013


Jeff and Moguls, following the path. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Oct 2013


Kirsten and Moguls, check out that view! Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Oct 2013


Jeff and Moguls posing for a “Senior Picture”. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Oct 2013

Weather permitting, Red Rocks will definitely be another destination to bring visitors. The hike Jeff, Moguls, and I took was pretty relaxed – not too tough, but we definitely huffed and puffed during segments.

Definitely a must-see, make sure to visit this beautiful park and amphitheatre; don’t forget to bring your furry friends!


4 thoughts on “Red Rocks – FINALLY!

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  2. Red Rocks is a beautiful venue! I went to Red Rocks the first time a couple of summers ago. I saw Steely Dan. It was a lot of fun, although we got soaked. It was that really wet summer a year or two ago. I love the drive from Junction. You got some prettier views on your hike than I had at the concert!

    • See, we’ve never been to Grand Junction, and need to go! Last summer we promised ourselves that we would see more of Colorado, which we did via 14ers. I think this summer, we’ll need to venture to each of the four corners to see what’s good along the way! 🙂

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