Skiboarding at Breck, Colorado

Headed out to Breckenridge, Colorado, today to have our first pow (powder) day ever. After one run, with goggles freezing and being advised to head indoors due to the initial signs of frostbite, a few of us have been hanging inside the T Bar for the remainder of the day.


Outside, the temperature is an impressive -1F with a “feel” of -25F with the wind and altitude.


Don’t get me wrong – we love shredding…but with the Epic Pass, we know there are always opportunities.

Be safe out there – don’t push it at the beginning of the season! There’s so much yet to come.
Breck knows how to show you a good time regardless of visibility…






One thought on “Skiboarding at Breck, Colorado

  1. Thanks for the recent like on my Westerns genre site….much appreciated. I consider myself a big fan of Denver…have been there 4 times in the last year….Paramount Cafe….Mother’s Little Yellow Pill beer…16th Street Mall…an easy place to pass any season, ha.

    All the best with your site,

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