Brews with your fave comrades at Comrade Brewing

Although there’s no proven science (yet) stating that fermented barley boosts muscle growth, we sure do feel the positive affects of a nice, craft brew after a long bike ride (check out‘s top picks for Post-Ride Brews).

Bike riding and craft brews go hand-in-hand here in Denver, and it’s no wonder Colorado is ranked 3rd on the list of 10 Best Craft Brew States in America (USA TODAY – 10 best craft brew states in America).

After heading south from Denver on the Cherry Creek Trail via bikes this past holiday weekend, a group of us checked out Comrade Brewing at 7667 E Iliff Ave, a couple blocks west of the trail. We were 15 miles in with some inner-city riding plus trail riding, in 95 degree Denver weather, and were feeling a little parched! What craft beers do you enjoy with your bike rides? Any favorite places to stop? Well, put this one on your list of places to visit next time!

at the tap

Try the sampler, and all of the delicious beers Comrade has to offer. Click on the photo to check out Comrade Brewing Co on Facebook. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2014

Because there are so many Craft Breweries popping up throughout Colorado, Comrade Brewing Co. is reassuring in the way they keep it simple yet unique, catering solely to patrons. There’s one, large bar / serving area that wraps a corner of the open, almost cafeteria-style hall. Tables of different styles, including communal, reflect Comrade’s devotion to their community and following.


Ashley enjoying the Heffeweizen, a perfect summery brew. Click on the photo to check out Comrade’s Brew Menu. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2014

Comrade Brewing Co. boasts a craft beer menu of blonde ales, red ales, IPA’s, stouts, and beyond. Aside from their Core Menu, Comrade Brewing is always innovating, serving seasonal and one-off brews created from their own, American-made setup. Click here to visit their Brew Menu.

Our Top Picks:

Kirsten: Better ChocoLATE Than Never!
I couldn’t get over how awesome this beer was. A fan of all things dark chocolate, bold coffee, and (of course) beer, this was the best of all worlds into one, single glass. Surprisingly light, I could drink this every day.

Steve: Northwest Coast Wheat
Fruity – definitely an awesome summer beer. The fruit was GOOD & welcome- not overpowering at all.

Although they do not have a kitchen, Comrade teams up with local Food Trucks to serve patrons right outside their brewery doors. Foods like Ice Cream, BBQ, and NOLA favorites are served; many local Food Truck owners have embraced the community that Comrade Brewing has gathered, and frequent often! For more info providing which Food Truck will be at Comrade’s and when, make sure you check out Comrade Brewing Co.’s Facebook Page and website.

What a great place to stop! Even though we needed to head back to Denver via the trail, stopping at Comrade’s provided a great opportunity to hang out with, and enjoy, our friends’ company while re-fueling for the ride back into downtown. While there, we even made new friends with the push of a community, high-top table. The name of this brewery definitely speaks for itself: the experience you will have, the new and old friends you will collaborate, and the community that is evident within the walls of Comrade Brewing Co.

kirsten and steve

Steve and I fresh off the trail – a little fatigue, a little bewildered, and a lot of excitement for new brews! For more on DenverSpeax, check us out on Facebook by clicking on this pic. Photo Credit: Denverspeax, July 2014

Comrade Brewing is one of two new breweries we visited over the 4th of July holiday weekend. Can you guess what the other was? Stay tuned!





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