Tacos, Tequila, and Whiskey – Yes, please!

*NEW* Menu items happening this Thursday at both the York and Highlands’ locations! Tomorrow, Pinche’s will unveil the 5 new menu items, so keep your eyes and ears to the ground….er, Facebook, twitter, and instagram! We’re so excited for even more deliciousness at, hands down, one of our favorite eateries of all time. Stay hungry, friends!


Honestly, I ask you – what else do you need from a modern, Mexican eatery? Not only is the food outrageously good, the wait staff is incredible within this dim, but welcoming, restaurant.

Image Lengua (left) and Pollo (right) street tacos served at the restaurant. Credit: Kirsten Ebey June 2013

Inspired by “comida de la calle” or, Mexican Street Food, Pinche Tacos brings the street taco to a whole new level, serving up perfectly portioned favorites like pollo (chicken), carne (beef), carnita (pork), and new faves, like lengua (beef tongue). Served on two small tortillas, the tacos are ordered from what looks like a tapas-inspred menu, complete with appetizers like the mouth-watering queso fundido con tequila (see picture below).

Personally, working in the Food & Beverage industry, I have my eyes peeled for a few things: righteously-flavored food with a presentation, a waitstaff that could either be my…

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