Denverspeax’s Response to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The PR and Marketing team for the ALS Association have to be jumping for joy; and why the hell not? They’ve raised nearly $80 million US off of the viral Ice Bucket Challenge campaign.

Kids are begging their parents to nominate them. It’s the “in” thing right now.

Who knew spreading the news about charity would be the “in” thing at school? Hey, way to go, ALS team! We feel you surpassed the goal of any of your wildest dreams.


In response to multiple nominations from amazing people that we love (I Get Down Clothing & Apparel being one of them!), we have decided NOT to pour clean water over our heads as many households throughout the world suffer from water poverty. Again, this is our stance, and doesn’t need to be yours. However, we have donated to the ALS Foundation, and decided to start a new challenge…


Who are we challenging? Oh, that’s the fun part!



Every single one of you in Denver & the surrounding area.

On Saturday, September 13th, there is an ALS Walk in Denver’s City Park. Sign up as a team, sign up as an individual, or even join an existing team! Walk the 3K and raise money for ALS.


Photo courtesy of the Denver Walk – Walk to Defeat ALS Official Page. Please click on the photo to be redirected to their page to learn more, and hopefully, sign up!

We’re challenging our fellow Denverites to get involved in their community. Walk for a great cause, learn more about the disease, and make a difference. Meet others that have insight into ALS and can educate you first hand on what that actually means. Allow yourself to feel what that means; what is it like to have ALS, or live with someone who has ALS?

Although we appreciate and love to laugh at all of your ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos all over the internet, try kicking it old school – spend some time getting to know others in the community, raise some funds, and take a walk in Denver’s City Park.

For more information about the Denver ALS walk, click here.