Black Shirt Brewing – Chasing Perfection


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Here at Denverspeax, we have always been drawn to people who are passionate. We recently had the opportunity to interview one of the most passionate breweries in town: Black Shirt Brewing (BSB). Our first visit to Black Shirt Brewing was on the Slow Roll Pub Crawl a few weeks back. We really enjoyed the beer and vibe in the short time we spent there, and wanted to experience more. We were given the opportunity to sit down and explore the mind of Chad Miller CEO and co-founder of Black Shirt Brewing. 


Flights of brewskis! Photo Credit: Steve Mercer

When visiting the brewery, you’ll notice that all of the beers offered are Red Ales. Don’t be discouraged! There are a variety of Red Ales available, and all of them are delicious (personal experience). Chad describes the brewing process as painstakingly testing, and re-brewing for perfection over many years. They continue the process for perfection even today. Here’s a little background and history of BSB: Chad and his brother, Branden, both grew up in a family passionate about music and home-brewed beer. Both grew up with their dad’s motto of finding one thing you are passionate about and doing it perfectly. This has largely influenced the decision to only brew Red Ales and do it so well that no one else can compare. So many craft breweries try to appeal to the masses with a large variety of beer. BSB has chosen to focus on one style of beer, providing the best possible brew of Red Ales to their customers. Chad has described it as “chasing perfection”:

“There may not be a perfect beer out there, but we are going to try to get as close as possible.” 

The BSB brewing process can take 3-4 times longer than the standard brewers, and can be compared to making a fine wine. All of the steps in their process are purposeful, careful, and gentle. Black Shirt is not interested in turning out the fastest batches for greater profit; they are creating batches for the greater experience. You may still be wondering “why Red Ales specifically?” Chad explained to us, philosophically, red has been a reoccurring theme in their lives. They grew up in a smaller town with an amazing view of the Red Mountain range every day. Also, Colorado is of Spanish origin, meaning “colored red”. Lastly, they want Colorado to be the first thought of beer connoisseurs when Red Ales are discussed. Red Ales can be easily consumed year round, instead of being associated with a particular season. Plus, BSB is really fantastic at brewing Red Ale. Why question it? Just enjoy it.


Available canned at a variety of stores near you! Click for locations. Source: BSB facebook


Dining area prior to opening. Source: Steve Mercer

Here is what to expect in a visit to Black Shirt Brewing. The brewery is heavily influenced by music, and music greats who are largely associated with only wearing black. Now you have the origin of the name “Black Shirt Brewing”. The brewery is very musically themed, open air, clean, and comfortable. Located in the Rhino district, just far enough from loud and packed LoDo. You don’t have to worry about overly drunk people wondering in and ruining your night. One could visit with friends and not feel like they have to scream over heavy music just to be heard. The location is perfect for a nice night out with friends, and to check out free live music in the beer garden on Friday and Saturday nights. Be aware there is no kitchen, but usually you can find a food truck outside. You know how we loooooove the Food Trucks. We highly recommend visiting and trying the beer flight. All of the beers are unique and delicious. If you want a closer look into the brewery, there are tours on Fridays at 3pm and 6pm hosted by Chad himself. I would call ahead just to make sure there are openings.  Also, Black Shirt is featured in Crafting a Nation, a documentary on small, craft breweries available HERE. Black Shirt is also involved in a new public television show called Now Playing which highlights local music artists, and can be found HERE. We recommend signing up for the Red Ale[rt] Newsletter for any super secret happenings HERE!!!! Of course, check out their social media for the latest and greatest happenings and events: Website : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : YouTube


Here is the location, hours, and directions for parking. Click for larger size. Source: BSB Facebook


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