How To… Make Kirigami Stars


Pictured are the beautiful Kirigami Stars that our Craft Expert, Becky R., taught us how to make. For more info on teacher Becky R. & Share Denver, click on the photo to visit the website.

Here in Denver, we crafters are lucky because a magnificent place called Share Denver exists; this fun, down-to-earth crafting space is located just off of 29th St. on Fairfax and ran by one of the coolest chicks we know. There are a variety of classes, spanning the crafting spectrum for reasonable prices – most classes include instruction as well as all materials needed (unless otherwise noted).

Not only does Becky Hensley, owner of Share Denver, teach classes like Crochet 101 and Cross-Stitch 101, she also brings other passionate and skilled crafters, like Becky R., in to teach classes like the one we attended today – Kirigami Stars. Here’s what we learned…

Kirigami is like origami in that they both use paper (to fold) as a medium; scissors are what makes them different. With Kirigami, the folded paper is cut, and with origami, the folder paper is left in tact.


Share Denver is a great space to come together with other crafts and learn a new skill, or hang out with others perfecting your own skill set. Click on the picture to check out Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Nov 2014.

By folding decorative pieces of varying types of paper, and performing one cut at the end, a Kirigami Star is created. This holiday craft has a TON of uses:

  • Accent any dinner party by laying the stars sporadically on the table or near serving areas.
  • Fasten decorative string or a wire to the back of the star to create an ornament.
  • Hang them in the home as decorations during the holiday season.
  • Fasten to gifts as embellishment, or as a gift tag.

Obviously, some paper is going to be easier to fold than others. Try a light-weight kind, similar to origami paper to practice. Also, to make the folds nice, neat, and precise, you may want to pick up a Bone Folding Tool (they range from $2 – $10 on


Don’t worry – the folding is simple and easy! Check out the video below that our instructor Becky R. pointed us to during our class. Click on the photo to check out Share Denver on Facebook. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Nov 2014.

Use this video to learn how to fold a Kirigami Star: 

After folding & cutting the star, DECORATE! Use glitter, brads, rhinestones, layers with smaller stars, so on and so forth, like below:


After folding & cutting was completed at one table, we moved to separate tables to decorate using fun glitter, brads, and other items to liven up our stars. Note the wax paper laid down before we rolled our sleeves up and got dirty! For more info, click on this photo to visit Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Nov 2014.

We left some of our stars as table decorations, and attached golden cord to others to hang on the tree; each individual star was made from different paper and decorated a little different than the one before, allowing each to standout.

If you were thinking of making your own gifts for the upcoming holidays, now would be an amazing time to check out Share Denver’s class schedule. There’s plenty of time for you to gain some knowledge and create amazing things that friends and family will both appreciate and remember.

holiday craft workshop

Click on the flier to visit this event on

One event in particular, Share Denver’s Holiday Craft Workshop, will provide all materials and instruction to make 12 handmade gifts in just 4 hours. More about that coming up on!

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