Wish for Wheels – Helping Kids Through the Joy of Bicycles


Learn more about Wish for Wheels by clicking on this photo and checking out their Facebook page. Photo Credit: Wish for Wheels Facebook Page, 2014.

Here at DenverSpeax, we’re extremely interested and intrigued by how bicycles have continuously strengthened this Denver community. We’ve written a ton about bicycling events (like Royal Rush), shops (like DBC), and even groups (She Devils) that really give back… but what about the kids?


The Denver She Devils take Babes in Bikeland 8 in Minneapolis, MN. Check out the full story by clicking on the image! Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, 2014.

As an organization totally committed to positively influencing the Denver community, DenverSpeax is looking to partner with Wish for Wheels, a non-profit started in 2004 that’s dedicated to making sure kids have that first memory with a beloved bicycle. You know the one – your mom or dad running alongside of you as you awkwardly and shakily steered down the sidewalk, determined to keep the bike on its two wheels.

Children need this. They really need that experience, and a lot of their parents or caregivers are unable to afford the time and money that goes along with it. By teaming up with Denver Area Public Elementary schools, Wish for Wheels is increasing the chance of keeping that first memory alive.

With kids learning how to ride at an early age, maybe we can fight childhood obesity. Maybe we can help fight air pollution created by cars and other motorized vehicles. Maybe we can just give them a joy they would’t have otherwise had. 

Like most non-profits, Wish for Wheels relies heavily on donors and volunteers. They need volunteers for community events, building bicycles, delivering, and even giving away the bikes, among many of other opportunities.


Check out Wish for Wheels on the world wide inter webs by clicking on their logo! Photo Credit: Wish for Wheels on Facebook, 2014.

With Colorado Gives Day right around the corner on December 9th, there’s no better time to donate your time and/or money to this awesome non-profit. The donation will be matched by a proportionate amount of the Colorado Gives Day fund, so your donation can go even further. Check out the cool memberships, jerseys, and more when donating here.

Learn more about Wish for Wheels here, and visit them on Facebook. We look forward to hearing back from them on the status of our partnership!