Denver NYE 2015: Safety First!

Call us “lame”, but I call us “smart” – we have the same rule every New Years’ Eve: either we throw a party at our place, go to a party at someone’s house, or get out of town.

What a bunch of squares! Why don’t y’all go out on New Year’s Eve and hit the cluuuubbbb?!

the first hangover

A few reasons…

  1. Spending NYE with a whole bunch of people we don’t know sounds about as much fun as a poke in the eye with a hot stick. Add alcohol to that? Just. No.
  2. EXPENSIVE. Going out is so EXPENSIVE. We like to drink nice beers and fancy cocktails, but with inflated NYE prices, there’s no way we can afford them all night, and there’s also no way in hell we’re paying baller prices for beer like Coors Light. If we went out, we would spend one million dollars versus the low cost of buying beer / champagne / fancy cocktail fixings from Argonaut. And, we loooove Argonaut! to do list
  3. You can still dress up and go to your friend’s party. …Where you know people, and haven’t spent one million dollars.
  4. Have you ever tried getting a cab on NYE? It’s worse than a Broncos game.
  5. Want a memorable NYE? It’s with friends and family, hanging and laughing… which turns into random dance parties and singing… and more ridiculousness. No pressure, just good times. How can you beat that?

If you DO decide to head out, hey – that’s your choice, and good for you. Go get ’em tiger. Just make sure you keep it safe so the rest of us don’t have to suffer.

capitol and fireworks

Check out the fireworks downtown and take advantage of the free transportation all night long via RTD. Click on the picture (courtesy of RTD) to visit the schedule and learn more.

One way to keep yourself in check is by NOT driving. Anywhere. Because our city is so cool, RTD is hosting free bus and light rail service throughout the entire system from 7 pm MST on New Year’s Eve until 6 am MST on New Year’s Day.

While you’re out, check out the fireworks at 9 MST and midnight in downtown Denver.


This should be everyone’s New Year’s resolution! Google Meme.

Whatever you end up doing this NYE, have a blast and keep your friends & yourself safe. Help people have a good time as well as find ’em a ride. Listen… You may hear a few weirdos singing Bohemian Rhapsoy

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