How To… Find EDM Shows in Denver

We’ve been into EDM (electronic dance music) of various forms since middle school, and thought that attending shows kind of died along with our high school days. What’s funny is that we have a ton of friends who, like us, had all been told that EDM was a phase, and when we got older we totally wouldn’t care for it any longer. Ha.


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Denver draws amazing musical acts period, but finding EDM shows can be a little tricky. So, how do you locate these fantastic EDM shows in Denver and the surrounding areas? Let us help you! 

First, some of us may need a little help with getting back into EDM. Here are some tips:

  1. Podcasts are free, and there are TONS of EDM channels out there. Our favorites include A&B Group Therapy, Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance, and Tiesto’s Club Life. Check these out, and find suggestions for more that you may be into. Or, search for your favorite DJ and see if they have a podcast or if another podcast is suggested for you.
  2. Check out Hot Dance / Electronic Songs on to see what’s hot this week.
  3. EDM Sauce has an awesome “New Music” section, plus tons of news on the EDM World including concerts, festivals, venues, etc.
  4. Find your fave DJs on free radio apps, like Spotify or Pandora, and let them introduce you to new artists.

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Now that you’ve reconnected with your EDM roots and even found some rad, new music, here are a few great ways to find shows here in Denver:

  • Check out the EDM Calendar Network on Electronic Midwest. Select “CO” for the state in the drop down menu at the top of the page, and all of the shows, locations, and other pertinent information will become available. Each event links to tickets as well, making it super simple to purchase.
  • Click HERE for a list of top EDM clubs and Venues in Denver, thanks to CBS Denver.
  • AXS has pretty good lists of musical acts in the area, including EDM. Sometimes we use these lists, and cross-reference with Sound Cloud and YouTube to see what’s coming, and if it sounds like a show we’d enjoy.
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Whew. Now that we’ve gone through the logistics of it, let’s talk about the shows we’re TOTALLY PUMPED FOR!


Savoy, coming to Red Rocks in April 2015. Thanks to Electronic Midwest for supplying this photo – click on the pic to visit their awesome site.

Savoy will be gracing us with presence at one of the greatest music venues ever created: Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. Tickets go on sale soon for this Apr 25th, 16+ show. Listen to Savoy on Soundcloud by clicking here. We recommend “Gin N Chronic” and “Cata” for all-over-the-board tastes of Savoy,

Odesza will be visiting us a few times int he near future – Aspen & Boulder in late February, and then again in May at Red Rocks. If you haven’t listened to their latest album, “In Return”, which our friend Eric describes will “Make them Oprah rich”, please do. It’s a goodie.

Talk about great venues – The Church, an old, remodeled church in downtown Denver with amazing architecture, acoustics, and strength-defying floor (you’ll know once you witness jumping on it with 100’s of your closest friends) will be hosting GTA & TJR on Friday, February 27th. If you’re into Bass, Trap, & Electro, be on the look out for this show. Check out this set from Mixmag Lab in LA last year.

There you have it. A few shows to wet your whistle and get you exploring the world of EDM in Denver. We hope we were somewhat of service. Also, just a reminder – you’re never too old for the sweet, sweet beats of EDM. We’ve got your back.

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