Women Solidarity & Biking: Venus de Miles 2015


Riding through one of the greatest cities to ever stand – downtown Denver, Colorado. DenverSpeax, 2014.

In order to stay motivated and active, I have signed up for my first Coloradan, non-alleycat bike ride! The Venus de Miles is taking place in Boulder, Colorado, this summer on August 29th, 2015. It’s an all-female ride, created to support women and create sisterhood. Venus de Miles is actually Colorado’s first all-women’s road ride! What an amazing way to come together with other, extraordinary women in the bike community. 

Registration opened Feb 13th for the different rides:

Aug. 29 6:45 AM – 100-Mile Ride Start
Aug. 29 8:00 AM – 62-Mile Ride Start
Aug. 29 9:30 AM – 30-Mile Ride Start
Aug. 29 11:00 AM – Festival Begins


Click on the photo to check out Venus de Miles. Photo courtesy of the Venus de Miles ride website, 2015.

This year, they’re trying something new and allowing you to try your hand at fundraising $200 by August 16th for reduced registration cost. If you choose this option and are able to raise at least $200 by August 16th, the registration price is just $30! When you reach the fundraising goal, you will also receive a complimentary pair of Venus de Miles arm warmers and a Venus de Miles visor. If you’re unable to raise the funds before August 16th, you pay the lessor amount of the following; the difference of the funds you did raise and the $200 goal OR $65 which is the difference between the discounted and regular full price registration cost. This is the option that I’ve gone with in order to push myself to raise more, and can’t wait to surpass my goal! If you would like to donate to my fundraiser for Venus de Miles, click here.

$75 through Memorial Day, May 25th
$95 from May 26th through August 28th
$115 for onsite registration, August 29th

race pic

Photo courtesy of Venus de Miles’ website; click on the photo to learn more.

Riding Venus de Miles supports Greenhouse Scholars, an organization dedicated to helping high-performing, under-resourced students reach their full potential. For more, visit the Greenhouse Scholars section on Venus de Miles, and learn about their unique, Whole Person approach.

If you’re looking for a fun way to stay motivated throughout the remaining cold months and get back in shape for the summer, sign up for Venus de Miles. PUSH YOURSELF! Grab your girlfriends and make an event out of it! One of the best ways to reach your fitness goals is having someone to keep you accountable – by signing up for this race, you can keep one another accountable to reach your fitness milestones. Also, Venus de Miles is NOT a race, but a ride. It is a chance at solidarity with your fellow female bikers – don’t pass it up!

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