Snowshoe Adventures on Squaw Pass

Trees Brown DS

Hiking Squaw Mountain. Click on the picture to check us out on Facebook. Make sure to hit that Like Button! Photo Credit: Denverspeax, 2015.

Once again, we rented a few pairs of snowshoes from REI (roughly $25 bucks per pair for the weekend) and made the run from Denver to Squaw Pass.

These are the same directions for heading to Echo Lake, however we stopped about 12 miles early at a parking area off of the Pass in front of a large, open grassy area.

We parked, got our gear on, (visit our first Snowshoeing Adventure post to learn what gear will keep you warm and happy!) and headed across the Pass from where we were parked, and picked up a trail in between the cabins that lie a little off of the pass (you can see them from the road). 

The trail was mostly flat – a nice, beginner trail for the two newbies on the hike. Also through the wilderness, it provided a nice break from the downtown Denver life style: peaceful, beautiful, and surrounded by nature.

path mtn background

Hiking Squaw Mountain. Click on the picture to check us out on Facebook. Make sure to hit that Like Button! Photo Credit: Denverspeax, 2015.

BnW Boys DS

Jeff (left) and Steve (right) paving the way on the trail. For more info on current DenverSpeax happening, click on the picture to check us out on Facebook. Photo Credit: DenverSpeax, 2015.

up close and pers

Up close and personal with Jeff (front) and Steve (back). Check out all of that snow! For more DenverSpeax happenings, check us out on Facebook by clicking on the picture. Photo Credit: DenverSpeax, 2015.

As many of you Denverites know, this weekend we are supposed to get pounded with snow. A few inches accumulated while we were out on the trail for sure – we kept looking to the tree branches next us to guesstimate how many!


It was definitely coming down while we were out there! Dressed in the right, layered gear, we were perfectly comfortable. For more info on DenverSpeax happenings, click on the picture and check us out on Facebook.

We even brought our small dog on this adventure; check out Moguls in our Marmot Kompressor bag! He fits in it perfectly.

moguls DS

Our sweet dog did so well until he just got too cold. Check out more pictures of Moguls on our Instagram page by clicking on this photo. Photo Credit: DenverSpeax, 2015.

moguls and steven

This is the same backpack we use to bring him bike-riding. Check out Marmot for more fresh gear by clicking on this picture. Photo Credit: DenverSpeax, 2015.

Moguls got a little cold after running around in the 9 degree weather and then sitting in the bag, so we turned back early. We will be looking into how to be better equipped with bringing our small dog on these winter hikes for next year!

With another adventure under our belt, we headed to Little Bear in downtown Evergreen for a pint of Little Bear Red before heading home to Denver. Awesome hike with awesome people – it doesn’t get better than that on a Saturday afternoon!


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