Spring Patios to Visit in Denver

SPRING IS HERE, and we’ve got patios on the brain. Here’s a list of a few of our faves and where in Denver you can find them.

DBC comp

Denver Bike Cafe. DenverSpeax, Spring 2014.

#1. Denver Bike Cafe – 1308 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO

We often hang out at DBC to study, meet with Denverspeax partners, and simply relax. They serve coffee, brews, and food with a smile on their faces and rad music playing. Check out DBC for their beer & cheese tastings that they hold out on the patio in the summer, too – they’re big supporters of local businesses and hosting local events spotlighting them. Also, hooray for picnic table seating! Click here to read more about this cool place on DenverSpeax

downtown tavern comp

Tavern Downtown. DenverSpeax, Summer 2014.

#2. The Tavern Downtown – 1949 Market St, Denver, CO

Cheap beers, feel good music pumping, and beautiful views sums up the Tavern Downtown. Your wallet and your mood will thank you for a few hours in the sun on this cool, roof top patio. Drop by before / after a Rockie’s game, or make an afternoon of it on Colorado’s largest rooftop patio.

Forest Room 5 2 comp

Forest Room 5. DenverSpeax, Summer 2014.

Forest Room 5 comp

Forest Room 5. DenverSpeax, Summer 2014.

#3. Forest Room 5 – 2532 15th St., Denver, CO

It’s like a nature hike + camping + a bar got together and created a lovechild by the name of Forest Room 5. This quirky bar & restaurant houses tons of outdoors artifacts, including a vending machine full of hiking maps, travel books, and other outdoorsy trinkets. On the patio, you can gather round the fire on tree stumps, sing kumbaya, and drink a brewski or other specialty cocktail.

lowdown brew 2 comp

Lowdown Brewery. DenverSpeax, Summer 2014.

Lowdown Brew comp

Lowdown Brewery. DenverSpeax, Summer 2014.

#4. Lowdown Brewery + Kitchen – 800 Lincoln St, Denver, CO

For those who are aware of the Lincoln & 8th area, you may be as pleasantly surprised as we were to learn of this awesome patio. Not only is this brewery home to great beers and delicious sandwiches (try the Yonkers, a spicy & savory italian number), but this hidden patio is truly a gem. Comfy seating and fun lawn games? We’re in.

oblios comp

Oblio’s Cap Hill Tavern. DenverSpeax, Summer 2014.

#5. Oblio’s Cap Hill Tavern – 1225 Logan St, Denver, CO

Oblio’s is, hands down, our fave Cap Hill patio. Situated on Logan in-between 13th & 12th, this “old house-turned-tavern” is the perfect spot to meet up with friends or bring visitors. The first time I had their pizza, I told myself right away that I’d be back- and often- for it. Seriously, they have some of the best ‘za I’ve ever had! For lighter options, check out their hefty salads!

MCA comp

Denver MCA. DenverSpeax, Summer 2014.

MCA view comp

Denver MCA. DenverSpeax, Summer 2014.

#7. The Museum of Contemporary Art Rooftop Patio – 1485 Delgany St, Denver, CO

How cool is that? You can wander through the MCA, check out Mark Mothersbaugh’s interestingly diverse Myopia exhibit, and then end your tour with a nice, local brew or glass of wine on the roof top. This rooftop, wrap-around patio provides beautiful views of downtown and beyond. The crafted wooden benches and deep, wooden railings provide opportunity for leaning and setting your drink down. Too hot? There’s is also a glass encased bar to escape the sun.

sanchos back patio comp

Quixote’s True Blue. DenverSpeax, Summer 2014.

#8. Quixote’s True Blue – 314 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO

This patio is located in the back of this great spot. Not only does the bar have cheap drinks, but the artwork inside and outside on the patio is incredible! Take a look in the picture above. What makes this patio so special is how it makes you feel – hidden in downtown Denver by it’s large fence. You can still hear the hustle and bustle of Cap Hill, but can still relax and appreciate the music & artwork of Quixote’s.

Where are your favorite Denver Patios? Stay tuned while we post updates from them all spring & summer long.

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