Short Weekend Hike in Front Range: Lookout Mountain

It’s confirmed – the Lookout Mountain trail from Windy Saddle in Lookout Mountain is short-term visitor approved. Not too long, not too high in elevation (reaches just over 7k feet), and has some of the best views!

Seriously the best views for such a short hike! DenverSpeax, April 2015.

Kirsten & Stephanie hiking through Lookout. Always representing the I Get Down Clothing & Apparel movement (pictured left on myself, Kirsten!). Their gear is so comfortable to wear hanging out or while getting active. Check them out by clicking on this picture! Also, enter “denverspeax” at check out, and receive 10% off. DenverSpeax, April 2015.

Definitely didn’t take that route for this trip! DenverSpeax, April 2015.

Kirsten & Steve, hikin’ it out on Lookout. Representing our lovely friends over I Get Down Clothing & Apparel – deliciously soft shirts for an array of activities. Click on this picture to visit their site and enter “denverspeax” in your order for 10% off! DenverSpeax, April 2015.

The rain stayed away for our hike, which was awesome. It took a little shy of 2 hours to get to the top, take one million photos up there and along the way, and head back down.

A little misty of a walk, but beautiful all the same. DenverSpeax, April 2015.

What a rewarding view! DenverSpeax, April 2015.

It’s a beautiful hike and perfect for visitors who aren’t used to the high elevation. Remember to bring snacks and plenty of water for hydration!

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