Summer 2015 Kids Arts, Crafts, & Fashion Camp at ShareDenver

At least once per day, I think about Summer Camp growing up.

summer camp poster

I went to Summer Camp every summer in New Orleans, LA, as both of my parents worked. My younger sister, Cat (pictured with me below), older brother, Walker, and I (Kirsten) hung out at Little Farms Day Camp in River Ridge, Louisiana, for  nearly three months every summer for about a little over half of a decade. We learned exceptional life skills such as how to pack an egg so carefully and snuggly so as to not break when being dropped off of a rooftop in a box. Our choreography for the annual talent show was on point. We met a few of our lifelong, best friends there.


Summer Camp is the shit, and the above doesn’t even begin to describe why. When we weren’t at Little Farms, we attended other cool summer camps that we were fortunate enough that our parents could afford: art camp, dance camp, you name it… they were always for shorter periods of time as we got older, until one day… we found ourselves too old to go to camp. Lame. (Sidenote: someone create adult summer camp. Don’t call it “the bar” – that’s dumb.)

Why this dissertation about summer camp? Welllll… I found a cool one, and I wanted to make sure to pass it along so hopefully,  you all out there who have the children will read this and realize that Summer Camp is still a necessary passage of childhood.


Click on the image to visit ShareDenver on Facebook and learn more. Bekcy from ShareDenver will easily be able to help you out with the details for Summer Camp. Give her a shout via Facebook!

ShareDenver in Park Hill is offering summer Arts, Crafts, & Fashion Summer Camps on given half days, 12-4pm. Amy Blumenhein Kear will be teaching some amazing, fun skills to your kids this summer during these camps. Make sure to intact Becky via Facebook by clicking here or on the image above.

How cool would it be for your kids to be 30 years old and still think about camp every single day? From personal experience, I’d say they’ll love you forever. 🙂 Look into it.

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