City, O’ City & the Udon Addiction


Grab a friend and sit under this cool chandelier. Denverspeax, 2015.

It’s true – we’ve been holding out on you.

City, O’ City is a restaurant that we visit on the regular, and have never written about. There are numerous factors that make up our decision to return repeatedly,… and part addiction to their Udon. Read on, my foodie friends!

First, the ambience is soooo cool with a sprinkle of special. Within City, O’ City‘s tall & open space, there are a variety of paces: fast-paced in the foyer, with a long, community table under a beautiful, icicle-looking-like chandelier (see below); slower-paced in the back room’s dining area and bar, where friends are catching up and relaxing; then, back to fast-paced at the coffee bar in the front where large, glass cases of gluten-free desserts stare at you, taunting, “You know you want to…”


Sweet environment! DenverSpeax, 2015.

Truly, City, O’ City‘s well suited for everyone. You can grab a cup of coffee at the front coffee bar while firing off some emails. Before a night on the town, grab a beer or an Infinite Monkey Theorem can of wine at the back bar. Last but not least, because they’re open from 7 am – 2 am, you can order from a variety of food at practically any time of day. Whether it be dessert (like the lemon bar pictured below), brunch, dinner, second lunch, or a late night snack, you’re covered.

close up udon

Slurp, slurp! Denverspeax, 2015.

udon & mule

Slurp, slurp! Denverspeax, 2015.

udon & wine

Slurp, slurp! Denverspeax, 2015.

Our addiction to the Udon: a spicy carrot & ginger broth bowl chocked full of thick, smooth udon noodles accompanied by daikon, sprouts, jalapeño, bok choy, mushrooms, shallots, pickled carrots, and (BONUS!) a soft egg. Steve and I have had “I-have-a-cold” Udon, “celebrating-such-and-such” Udon, “People-are-in-town-and-have-to-try-this” Udon, “#treatyoself” Udon, and more. Really, any excuse to drink the spicy broth and slurp the fresh noodles while sipping on a brew ski is perfect opportunity for City, O’ City‘s udon.

seitan sandwich

Saison burger. DenverSpeax, 2015.

There are plenty of other vegan and vegetarian options, as City O’ City actually is a vegetarian restaurant. Much like its sister restaurant, Watercourse Foods, the deliciousness isn’t limited due to lack of meat, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Not sure what to order, or intimidated by the “vegetarian restaurant” label? Don’t be – here’s a list of our faves that you should try:

  1. Udon Noodle Bowl – if you’re into an Indian twist on a Vietnamese favorite, try this out. It can be a little spicy, but adding the egg neutralizes this by breaking the yoke and stirring into the broth.
  2. Waffle of the Week, or W.O.W.City, O’ City is known for their crazy good waffles that are as big as your face. This week, enjoy “The Fig is Up”, a vegan & gluten-free waffle that’s a “Cinnamon Spiced Waffle drizzled with Pure Maple Syrup, topped with housemade gluten-free Graham Cracker Crumbles and Plated with a Ginger Dried Fruit Compote of figs, dates, golden raisins, and cranberries, and a bright sprig of micro cilantro”. What do you think about THAT?
  3. Margherita Pizza + mushrooms – Who doesn’t love pizza? This guy contains fresh, house-made mozz, basil, and tomatoes. We add mushrooms because they’re wonderful. This is a good, basic staple to get you started at this cool restaurant. Add a local craft brew, and you’re ready to rock.

Make sure you stop by the front bar and grab a dessert! We love stopping in late at night after a fun night out, and grabbing a dessert (like this lemon bar below) to go:

lemon bar

Lemony goodness. DenverSpeax, 2015.

This place is great for a variety of occasions with friends, family, or even chillin’ by yourself. It’s a staple of vegetarian eating in the Denver area, and we count ourselves lucky that it’s so close to our place in Cap Hill. Because of this, parking can be pretty much the worst, so just take a Lyft/Uber, walk, or ride your bike on over.

What menu items do you go for at City, O’ City? Send us your suggestions and why you’re in love with them!

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