Where have you been, DS?

rainbow of flowers capitol building

Our beautiful Capitol building here in Denver. Spring is in bloom, finally!

Great question. And, yes – we have an answer for you! Well, a few. You may call them excuses, but we’ll refer to them as time-sucking life events that trumped our fun little website…

  1. As of Sunday, both of our thesis’s will be turned in, never to return to our desktops again. Thank. Jesus. It’s been an interesting road to the achievement of Masters in International Administration (with a concentration in Leadership, pinkies out), but we’re done. SO DONE. Remind me of this when I want to look at doctoral colleges in a year or so, please.
  2. MAHWAGE. Our wedding date is set for July 23rd, 2016, in MI, with a rad Shower in MI next week, and a bachelor / bachelorette party in Nola June 10 – 12.
  3. With work, I spend a lot of time OUTSIDE of Colorado. Is this cool? Sure, I enjoy it. Is the blog called “AroundtheworldSpeax”? No. For this reason, I haven’t posted of my travels to Seattle, Boston, Michigan, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Utah, Maine, New Hampshire, Jacksonville, Calgary… But maybe I should, because I’ve had a ton of fun traveling. And, I mean, the internet needs another travel blog. AmIright?!
  4. Steven went to the dark side and joined the Food & Beverage Industry, which he loves (who doesn’t?!) and takes up a ton of time. Oh, that work thing – always taking up time!
lake louise

Steve & Kirsten at Lake Louis, Alberta, Canada over New Years 2016.

Please just know that we are alive and thriving, thinking of all our lovely supporters and amping up for after Sunday… when Denverspeax will be resurrected from the dead!

See you soon,