About DenverSpeax

Who is DenverSpeax? Steve and Kirsten are two Michiganders with a touch of New Orleans who decided to up and move to Denver, CO, in the first part of 2013. While exploring the city, they grew extremely passionate for the small business community of Denver, and wanted to share it with others – newcomers and natives alike. Thus, in June 2013, Kirsten and Steve created DenverSpeax LLC, beginning with this website / blog.

Kirsten Picture

By day, Kirsten works for a local Denver company in Operations within the Food &  Beverage Industry. This love of food doesn’t stop once she’s off the clock; finding great food at local restaurants and establishments in the Denver area and beyond is a border-line obsession that DenverSpeax benefits greatly from. Aside from talking and writing about food, photography, travel, and singing karaoke keep her busy.

You use to be able to find Steve in one of those tall, fancy buildings downtown working in the finance industry. After being stuck in a stevenpicturefinalcubicle for 7 years, he broke free and started G & G (Grime & Grit), a collection of small side projects including a Resale Shop and a Brand Consulting arm. He enjoys good food, good beer, and miscellaneous fitness endeavors to burn the latter off. When moving to Denver, he got rid of his car and developed a slight obsession with fixed-gear bicycles, riding each day the weather would permit. Loving to travel, Steve’s favorite place to visit is New Orleans.

As DenverSpeax learns about this great city, having multiple first-timer experiences, they figure – why not share with everyone else? Also, one key point worth sharing about the site:

It’s important to DenverSpeax to share what’s GOOD in Denver, not to spread negative or bad experiences.

DenverSpeax is not a glorified Yelp page, and wants to highlight the good job small businesses are doing and not provide attention to those who don’t make the cut.

Sunset Pic OCT 2013

If you, your friends, or your business have an idea for DenverSpeax, email us at Denverspeax@gmail.com or contact us via Facebook. They’d love to help you get the word out! If you would like to advertise on DenverSpeax, please contact us.

7 thoughts on “About DenverSpeax

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  4. Love the mission and vision!!! We’re a new small business in Aurora and our owners migrated from California 2 years ago. It’s refreshing to see that the population in Denver and Colorado in general is made up of so many implants from other states! Much love to you all on your journey!

    • Tina, thank you so much for the love! We really appreciate the support. What is the small business? Inquiring minds would love to know!
      Again, we can’t tell you enough how thankful we are for stopping by. Keep in touch, new friend!

      • Of course anytime! We try to always show love to local businesses, we’ve noticed that’s the Colorado way since we got here! We make all natural healing and skin care rubs and pretty soon we’ll be releasing hair conditioning spray, toothpaste, masks, etc. We’re also looking for companies to collaborate with in 2015 if you can think of anything we’d love to collab!

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