Misfits Reunion? Count us in.

This September will mark our fourth visit to Riot Fest Denver, and even though the line up hasn’t been released yet, news of the Misfits Reunion tour has been announced which includes a stop in Denver at… you guessed it! RIOT FEST 2016!

Misfits skull

Picture borrowed from the official Misfits’ website. Click & travel. 

I remember being 16 and smitten with this really cool guy who, thankfully, taught me a great deal about music- how to appreciate it, what top 40 didn’t sound like…you know, important things. He was headed to Detroit to see this band called The Misfits, and so one of my best gals, Mallory, and I drove to the complete opposite side of the state of Michigan to see some horror punk band I had never even heard of. Needless to say, it was a memorable show.

If this announcement doesn’t have you opening a new tab and purchasing your tickets to Riot Fest right now, I’m not sure what will. We view this as a once in a lifetime sort of show, and can’t wait to check them out. Definitely one of our fave bands, and it will be amazing to see them live this September.

Where have you been, DS?

rainbow of flowers capitol building

Our beautiful Capitol building here in Denver. Spring is in bloom, finally!

Great question. And, yes – we have an answer for you! Well, a few. You may call them excuses, but we’ll refer to them as time-sucking life events that trumped our fun little website… Continue reading

Where Has The Summer Gone!?!

Better question, where has Denverspeax gone?

Here is a little update on what we have been up to.

We got engaged!!

11401106_10206109807760163_6178143201496353803_n 11407186_10206109808040170_7560791336754917456_n

We hiked a few mountains:

DSC_0039 DSC_0096 DSC_0130 DSC_0171

Took some epic road trips!

11928749_741020523248_9132663810055391538_n image5  DSC_0034image4

Went camping all over the place.

DSC_0041 image3

Traveled around.

10398033_10205981241706092_1214677393930638531_n 988548_10204283061023398_2524342638262618051_nDSC_0012DSC_0017

And enjoyed some music with friends.

image2 image1

Here is to staying awesome and keeping cool.


The Underground Music Showcase- Another Do Not Miss Event

Denver can furnish plenty of shenanigans, which leads to nonsense in general, and often ends in tomfoolery. The Underground Music Showcase is a weekend long event that will provide plethora of mischief inspired incidents. Whatever your inclination may be The UMS is a DO NOT MISS event for all music lovers and concert goers around town.

The lowdown:

The Underground Music Showcase (The UMS) is Denver, Colorado’s premier indie festival, now in its 15th year. The UMS is known not only for its focus on local talent and the local community (its a non-profit event and benefits the Denver Post Community Foundation) but also for the diversity and crazy high energy of the performances you can see throughout its tenure. This year’s incarnation showcases over 400 local and national act performances, across 4 days, in nearly 20 venues. (Source: http://theums.com/ About The UMS)

Get your early bird tickets now at a discounted price HERE.

How To… Quit Your Corporate Job & Survive Comfortably in Denver, Colorado


Kirsten & Steve hiking Lookout Mountain. Denverspeax, 2015.

We totally get it. You took a job that would not only get you here, but allow you to STAY here. And, why wouldn’t you? Denver is a beautiful place full of growth and opportunity. Hell, it’s #4 on Forbes’ Best Places for Businesses and Careers.

Sometimes staring at the mountains from a cubicle located on the 23rd floor of some fancy building downtown isn’t enough (damn Millenials, amiright?). Sometimes the toll a job takes on your heart, mind, body, and soul isn’t worth whatever ridiculous amount its paying, and you simply need to take a break from that lifestyle.

Like we said – we get it. And, almost three months ago, Steve did it.

Continue reading

Denver Weekend Events June 25 – 28

This weekend is jam packed full of amazing Denver activities!!! Make your weekend EPIC!!

Are you excited to find out who has Denver’s Top Taco? How about running City Park in your underwear?   We hear Zine Fest will not disappoint the avid reader. You could ride your bike to the South Platte RiverFest and make sure you get some BikeLove while you are in the area. Find great locally made goods at the Summer Flea. Our good friends from I Get Down Co. will be there. We hear Denver will be HOT, so take a slide down the Urban Slide to cool off. When the sun sets Saturday, get Hooked on an outdoor movie downtown. Once you have run out of energy, chill out Sunday evening at City Park Jazz to end the most epic Denver weekend ever!

If you want to see what else may be happening. Check out our Events Page.