How To… Quit Your Corporate Job & Survive Comfortably in Denver, Colorado


Kirsten & Steve hiking Lookout Mountain. Denverspeax, 2015.

We totally get it. You took a job that would not only get you here, but allow you to STAY here. And, why wouldn’t you? Denver is a beautiful place full of growth and opportunity. Hell, it’s #4 on Forbes’ Best Places for Businesses and Careers.

Sometimes staring at the mountains from a cubicle located on the 23rd floor of some fancy building downtown isn’t enough (damn Millenials, amiright?). Sometimes the toll a job takes on your heart, mind, body, and soul isn’t worth whatever ridiculous amount its paying, and you simply need to take a break from that lifestyle.

Like we said – we get it. And, almost three months ago, Steve did it.

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Denver Weekend Events June 25 – 28

This weekend is jam packed full of amazing Denver activities!!! Make your weekend EPIC!!

Are you excited to find out who has Denver’s Top Taco? How about running City Park in your underwear?   We hear Zine Fest will not disappoint the avid reader. You could ride your bike to the South Platte RiverFest and make sure you get some BikeLove while you are in the area. Find great locally made goods at the Summer Flea. Our good friends from I Get Down Co. will be there. We hear Denver will be HOT, so take a slide down the Urban Slide to cool off. When the sun sets Saturday, get Hooked on an outdoor movie downtown. Once you have run out of energy, chill out Sunday evening at City Park Jazz to end the most epic Denver weekend ever!

If you want to see what else may be happening. Check out our Events Page.

Can you Handel this? Classical Music Festivals in Colorado

Did you know that Colorado’s actually home to more than a dozen classical music festivals? Totally true!

handelColorado Public Radio wrote an awesome article detailing all of the festivals, and even put together a sweet map. For more info, click HERE.

FUN FACT: Not sure if you knew this or not, but yours truly (Kirsten) played various instruments in multiple symphonies and orchestras in the US and Czech Republic! it was an awesome time, and made me the person I am today. Read on to check out our favorites. Continue reading

Conquering Your Commute with Bike to Work Wednesdays

We’ve been pretty quiet about National Bike Month… until now. How often do you ride your bike to work? Or, even to run errands on the weekends?

There are a ton of events geared toward encouraging our community to hop on a bike, and Bike to Work Wednesdays is just one of them. is teaming up with AAA Colorado to support a huge initiative getting us out and about on our bikes, specifically focusing on Wednesdays from May 13th – June 24th, 2015.

Commute like a boss

Register your rides HERE, and win cool prizes from AAA Colorado &
Power up before your ride each Wednesday morning by visiting the weekly breakfast station between 7-9 am:

· May 13: 23rd & Decatur in Jefferson Park
· May 20: 16th & Marion @ Open Door Ministries
· May 27: Fishback Park, South Platte Path south of Confluence
· Jun 3: Behind Cherry Creek Mall on Cherry Creek Path
· Jun 10: 12th and West Side of Cheeseman
· Jun 17: Highlands Bridge

Remember: Bike to Work Day is June 24th, 2015 for DENVER!
Start checking around with friends and coworkers to see who’s down to ride to work.
There are varying dates regarding Bike to Work Week, and Bike to Work Day, so make sure to check around for your specific state or city.

Noodles & Co is providing free entrees just for riding – learn more HERE.

Hop on that bicycle and start your day off right! Give yourself a good, healthy boost in the morning. If anyone wants to join a commute to Belmar, let us know.

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24 hours in landscape 


Click on the picture and check out more of our adventures on instagram.

From Denver, CO, to Minneapolis, MN, to Grand Rapids, MI (not pictured), to Muskegon, MI – it’s been a beautiful 24 hours.

Summer 2015 Kids Arts, Crafts, & Fashion Camp at ShareDenver

At least once per day, I think about Summer Camp growing up.

summer camp poster

I went to Summer Camp every summer in New Orleans, LA, as both of my parents worked. My younger sister, Cat (pictured with me below), older brother, Walker, and I (Kirsten) hung out at Little Farms Day Camp in River Ridge, Louisiana, for  nearly three months every summer for about a little over half of a decade. Continue reading