Misfits Reunion? Count us in.

This September will mark our fourth visit to Riot Fest Denver, and even though the line up hasn’t been released yet, news of the Misfits Reunion tour has been announced which includes a stop in Denver at… you guessed it! RIOT FEST 2016!

Misfits skull

Picture borrowed from the official Misfits’ website. Click & travel. 

I remember being 16 and smitten with this really cool guy who, thankfully, taught me a great deal about music- how to appreciate it, what top 40 didn’t sound like…you know, important things. He was headed to Detroit to see this band called The Misfits, and so one of my best gals, Mallory, and I drove to the complete opposite side of the state of Michigan to see some horror punk band I had never even heard of. Needless to say, it was a memorable show.

If this announcement doesn’t have you opening a new tab and purchasing your tickets to Riot Fest right now, I’m not sure what will. We view this as a once in a lifetime sort of show, and can’t wait to check them out. Definitely one of our fave bands, and it will be amazing to see them live this September.


Can you Handel this? Classical Music Festivals in Colorado

Did you know that Colorado’s actually home to more than a dozen classical music festivals? Totally true!

handelColorado Public Radio wrote an awesome article detailing all of the festivals, and even put together a sweet map. For more info, click HERE.

FUN FACT: Not sure if you knew this or not, but yours truly (Kirsten) played various instruments in multiple symphonies and orchestras in the US and Czech Republic! it was an awesome time, and made me the person I am today. Read on to check out our favorites. Continue reading

How To… Find EDM Shows in Denver

We’ve been into EDM (electronic dance music) of various forms since middle school, and thought that attending shows kind of died along with our high school days. What’s funny is that we have a ton of friends who, like us, had all been told that EDM was a phase, and when we got older we totally wouldn’t care for it any longer. Ha.


jim carey

Image found on google images.

Denver draws amazing musical acts period, but finding EDM shows can be a little tricky. So, how do you locate these fantastic EDM shows in Denver and the surrounding areas? Let us help you!  Continue reading

Black Shirt Brewing – Chasing Perfection


Click for Black Shirt Brewing Website. Source: BSB Facebook

Here at Denverspeax, we have always been drawn to people who are passionate. We recently had the opportunity to interview one of the most passionate breweries in town: Black Shirt Brewing (BSB). Our first visit to Black Shirt Brewing was on the Slow Roll Pub Crawl a few weeks back. We really enjoyed the beer and vibe in the short time we spent there, and wanted to experience more. We were given the opportunity to sit down and explore the mind of Chad Miller CEO and co-founder of Black Shirt Brewing.  Continue reading

Denver’s Channel 93.3 BIG GIG 2014

2014 was the first year that DenverSpeax attended Denver Channel 93.3’s BIG GIG, even though the annual event has been happening since 2008. 

sunset stage

Channel 93.3’s Big Gig 2014. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2014

For those of you who haven’t been to Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre to see a show, it’s honestly a pretty great place as far as price, viewing, and sound (they recently upgraded their equipment). We bought tickets for $15 + tax / fees to sit on blankets in the grass, and listen to 8 awesome bands on the main stage. Also, another stage featured local acts only which was easy and accessible to wander over to in-between acts. Are the beers and food pricey? Sure – but what venue isn’t?

jeff k steven overlay

Jeff, Kirsten, and Steve at Big Gig 2014. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2014.

On the main stage, we enjoyed the following bands: Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots, American Authors, Walk The Moon, MSMR, Brick + Mortar, Bad Suns & Rumours Follow. All of which we’d heard on 93.3, but never seen live. We can honestly say that each band is chocked full of seemingly never-ending entertainment; not only was the music good, but the lights, the impromptu covers, crowd engagement, and, well, back flips, were great! Highlights of the show include, but aren’t limited to: 

stage lights

93.3’s Big Gig 2014. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2014


  1. The sweet, off-the-piano back flip from Twenty One Pilots’ lead singer, Tyler Joseph. Way to go, dude! We would’ve broken our necks. 
  2. Panic! At The Disco‘s rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Brendon Urie has NO PROBLEM hittin’ the high notes while the band’s guitarists do an incredible job of harmonizing. I don’t think we saw a single silent spectator during that number. 
  3. Brick + Mortar getting the crowd all riled up, screaming “HEY” in sync during “Move to the Ocean”. Also, the authentic attitudes and gratitude of the two band members, Brandon Asraf (vocals and bass guitar) and John Tacon (drums, vocals, and samples), was admirable. You think we loved them before, well… it’s on stalker-level now. 
  4. Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR has an incredible voice, no doubt…but the girl’s smile is incredible! It lights up the entire stage.

It was such an amazing, all-day show, and definitely a great way to experience so many new bands for a low price. Big Gig definitely falls under the awesome bang-for-your-buck category! If you’re into modern rock, and like watching up-and-coming local bands, make sure to check this out next year. 

Things that will make your experience at Fiddler’s much more enjoyable: 

  • Bring a blanket, or 3. This is beneficial for sitting in the GA Grass area, as well as battling the lower temps at night. 
  • Empty water bottles / canisters, or full AND sealed waters are allowed to go in with you, and you can fill them up as many times as your heart desires at the drinking fountains by the restrooms. 
  • An umbrella is a good idea to shade you from the sun – there isn’t any shade at Fiddler’s. 
  • For those super hot concert days, bring am empty spray bottle to mist yourself with – it’ll keep you cool, and you can find one at a dollar store. 


Riot Fest Denver 2014 – The Announcement & Line-Up


Photo courtesy of Riotfest.org, 2014.

At 7 pm MDT this evening, the Denver Riot Fest Lineup was announced, and tickets went on sale. Can we say that it truly was one of the most glorious events to kick off summer EVER? “Giddy as a schoolgirl” would be an understatement. The anticipation of this fantastic multi-day festival is already eating us alive; Riot Fest books bands that bring you back to high school as well as assist you with dancing out your rage after a long day of “smiling” at work.

Check out this great Denver line up:


Photo courtesy of Riotfest.org, 2014.


Head out to Byers, Colorado, September 19th – 21st to check out legendary groups, camp with friends, and meet some great new friends.


Against Me! playing on the main stage. Photo Credit: DenverSpeax, Sept 2013


Last year, about 10 of us watched Bad Religion, AWOL Nation, and Public Enemy (Flava Flaaaaave!) ale the stage with a ton of other great bands for the 9th annual Riot Fest. Yes, there was a flood and the whole campground and stage area became an epic mudslide, but the people (including staff) kept our spirits up and the fun alive throughout the ordeal. Obviously, it was an amazing time – why do you think we’re so pumped to go back?! Let’s reminisce for a bit, shall we…



Watching Bad Religion on a Sunday night. Photo credit: DenverSpeax Sept 2013


Camping Shenanigans in Byers. Photo Credit: DenverSpeax, Sept 2013


Riot Fest 2013. Photo Credit: DenverSpeax, 2013


Stay tuned for more posts leading up to Riot Fest! We’ll let you know what to bring and what to expect!

Get Ready – Denver’s City Park Jazz is BACK in June 2014

One of the coolest, FREE events in town, City Park Jazz in Denver’s City Park offers Denverites of all ages a great time outside.

Pack a picnic, ride your bike, and find a spot in the Park on June 1st, 2014 to kick off another season of FREE Jazz concerts.

Pavillion within City Park Credit: Kirsten Ebey May 2013

Pavillion within City Park Credit: Kirsten Ebey May 2013


A Few Easy Reminders: 

  • Yes, you can totally bring your furry friend! Make sure they’re on a leash.
  • Please, please, please don’t forget an extra trash bag to keep your trash concealed before throwing it away when leaving. Keep this beautiful place clean.
  • No, you don’t have to pay – it’s FREE! You can, however, always donate while at the concert (they have volunteers that collect) or on the website.
  • The show starts at 6:00 pm MST, but if you’re looking for a parking spot on a nearby street, you’ll need to head over a few hours earlier. We totally suggest riding your bike if at all possible!
  • No glass in the park, but canned beer is allowed.
  • Food trucks will be at the park so if you don’t pack you’re on food, you will not starve.
  • There are portopotties, and they’re usually pretty clean.

Click here for the 2014 season schedule. Get ready to have an amazing time! We hope to see you there.

OneSpark 2014 – CitySpeax Project Promo Video

Thanks to all of our friends and family that have made this trip to OneSpark in Jacksonville tomorrow possible. Watch our brand expansion project’s video – CitySpeax – your city, your love.

Also, please please PLEASE vote for our project to get NOTICED and FUNDED here. “Bookmark” it, and help us rise through the ranks of popularity. Thanks again for your support!