Things I Learned in my 20’s

As a recent graduate of the 20’s, here’s a reflection of my (Kirsten’s) 30th birthday. 


funny face

Welcome to the 30’s – so far, so good. Pictured: Kirsten Ebey, July 2014


A Few Things that I Learned in my 20s:

  • Encourage, congratulate, and be genuinely happy for other people. It’s so awesome to see those around you succeed, and you’ll totally have your time.
  • The more I constantly give, the more I’ll constantly receive.
  • Karma totally exists; watch yourself. 
  • Always take business seriously, and rarely ever take yourself seriously. 
  • Ask for help. Ask for help. Ask for help. 
  • Admit when you’ve done the stupidest thing ever, and then make a joke about it. 
  • McDonald’s is the devil. It’s never okay to eat. Ever. 
  • Tell the people you care about that you love them; tell them often. Even though it seems like they’ll never leave, they sure as hell won’t be around forever. 
  • Singing makes everything much, much better. 
  • Remember the things you did as a kid that made you the most happy? Now, go do them as an adult.