Headed to Seattle

When flying out of DIA (Denver International Airport)’s East Terminal, make sure you stop by Chef Jimmy’s Bistro and Spirits for a Spicy Bloody Mary. They actually infuse the vodka themselves; we always ask for the spiciest seeing as it’s absolutely delicious.

We are off to Seattle, friends! Fly out this evening and fly back to Denver Sunday night. Steve and I (Kirsten) found tickets for $58 each way via Frontier Airlines and couldn’t pass it up. Look forward to many random photos and stories as we bum around this great city for a whole 48 hours with zero plans and even less accountability. Cheers!


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Small San Diego Trip – In Photos

Yesterday, I got home to a 20 degree Denver, Colorado, from a 70 degree San Diego, California. No place is quite like Denver, but I welcomed the warmth for a few days!


The San Diego cityscape through the windshield of an elantra. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Dec 2013


Amazing cloud pattern. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Dec 2013


The emptiest the San Diego airport has ever been, I feel. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Dec 2013


A little over-dressed for San Diego, but just right for Denver! Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Dec 2013

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