Colorado Gifts to Send Afar

We’ve done our research by being put through the Colorado Gift Basket wringer, and are here to save you from having to do the same. Here are our two favorite companies we’ve come across that pride themselves on creating beautiful and thoughtful gifts, utilizing Colorado chefs, artists, and companies. 


Completely Colorado, LLC – Click on the link to be taken directly to their website to check out their great products! Credit: Completely Colorado LLC (Facebook), Dec 2013

Completely Colorado brings local vendors together in an online venue setting. Not only can you purchase single items, but they also combine different products of different local businesses to create outstanding gift baskets at more than reasonable prices.


Pictured: The Taste of Colorado Gift Basket by Completely Colorado. Click on the image above to be taken to their collection of Taste of Colorado gift baskets. Credit: Completely Colorado LLC website, Dec 2013

The website is very user friendly, and has a variety of products from food, to jewelry, to yoga mats! We purchased two of the Taste of Colorado Gift Baskets to send back home to Michigan, and can’t wait to hear the feedback!



Look at the beautiful boxes on Colorado Crafted by clicking on their logo above! Credit: Colorado Crafted Official Website, Dec 2013




Colorado Crafted presents carefully and creatively crafted boxes containing local artisan specialities. They scoured Colorado for delicacies so you don’t have to, grouping these delicious morsels into a variety of gift boxes for purchase. Quantities of items are limited due to the small supply created by each local artisan, creating even more of a crave for these extravagant boxed gifts. I know someone who will be impressing their boss this New Years!





The Bijou Creek Box, available on the Colorado Crafted website. Click the picture to be taken to their complete collection. Credit: Colorado Crafted website, Dec 2013


There you have it – two exceptional websites offering amazing products that can be shipped to family and friends (or bosses) afar. They don’t have gifts solely for the purpose of Christmas – think of them for a friend’s birthday, or an anniversary….. or for yourself because you’re so awesome. Stop by and check them out!

Completely Colorado on Facebook
Colorado Crafted on Facebook