A Festivus for the Rest of Us

festivus meme

Ahhhh Seinfeld. Image courtesy of the inter webs.

I’ll be honest – I never really got into the TV show Seinfeld because every joke seemed the same, but dressed up in different clothing.

With that said, it definitely doesn’t mean that I don’t know about Festivus. Especially the Colorado kind that focuses on Denver-Only brewed beer!… Continue reading


Black Shirt Brewing – Chasing Perfection


Click for Black Shirt Brewing Website. Source: BSB Facebook

Here at Denverspeax, we have always been drawn to people who are passionate. We recently had the opportunity to interview one of the most passionate breweries in town: Black Shirt Brewing (BSB). Our first visit to Black Shirt Brewing was on the Slow Roll Pub Crawl a few weeks back. We really enjoyed the beer and vibe in the short time we spent there, and wanted to experience more. We were given the opportunity to sit down and explore the mind of Chad Miller CEO and co-founder of Black Shirt Brewing.  Continue reading

Colorado Craft Beer Week 2014

Welcome to Colorado Craft Beer Week, going on March 21 – 29, 2014. Check out the calendar and participate in events all around Colorado at favorite breweries, pubs, and restaurants.

Don’t see your favorite brewery, pub, or restaurant on the event page? Check their websites or Facebook pages! Odds are, they’re planning something for you, your family, and friends to enjoy for Craft Beer Week!


Check out Tommyknocker’s beer flights! Photo Credit: DenverSpeax, 2013

stop 3 cheeky monk

DenverSpeax enjoys trying out new beers and keeping up with old faves. Photo Credit: DenverSpeax, Mar 2014


Tell us your favorite breweries and why – help us out with new places to visit. We have a Michigander coming into town this weekend, and would love to enjoy a new experience alongside him!


“Jedi” Masters of the Brewniverse next week!

https://i0.wp.com/cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0247/3455/products/brewmaster_1200x300_3_1024x1024.jpgHere at Denverspeax we really enjoy going to The Oriental Theater. Add in Craft Beer, good people, a contest, and all profits benefiting Mile High United Way. This is an event we will definitely endorse. We will be there, will you?

Cost is $25 which includes beer and general admission to watch the brewery pageant.

Must be 21+ years. We would recommend using public transportation, metro cab, or Uber to find your way there, and especially your way back.

For more information, click the banner at the top or check out the Event Page posted by the hosts Wynkoop Brewery.