How To… Survive & Enjoy a Broncos Game at Mile High Stadium

lights and field

Last year, we spent a lot of time at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. This year was totally different; thanks to a friend passing along 4 tickets, we were able to see one Bronco’s game – Broncos Vs. Raiders in Game 10. Oddly enough, we saw the Broncos play the Raiders last year; maybe we should just start a tradition?

Games can be frustrating, and for many more reasons beyond terrible runs and hurt players. We recognize this, and made a list of Helpful Hints & Tips for when you, your family, and friends head down to Mile High Stadium to watch the Broncos play. Of course, a lot of these can be applied to any sports game or concert viewing…

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Today is OUR DAY.

Today is OUR DAY.

Let’s go, Denver Broncos! Show those Seagulls who’s boss.

Along with falling in love with Denver, you fall in love with their teams.
Denverspeax is so thankful and incredibly proud to have a great team marching into Superbowl XLVIII today.
To reaffirm that team spirit, read Woody Paige’s article form the Post!
Click on the link to be brought to Paige’s (of the Denver Post): Paige: XLVIII reasons Broncos will win Super Bowl XLVIII

Denver Broncos – Orange Ride 2013 – Bikes & Football

Late last night, my friend Michael told me of this glorious event occurring this Sunday, October 27th – The Orange Ride! It can’t be true… mixing bikes with football?! Yes. Ohhhhh, yes, my friends –

it’s true.


Click on the picture to get more info on the Denver Broncos Orange Ride happening this Sunday, October 27th, 2013. Credit:, Oct 2013

Not only do I love football, but I also love getting outside and riding my bicycle. We’re so fortunate to live in a city where bike riding is encouraged not only as a means for fitness and transportation, but also for fun! 2013 marks the year for the 4th Annual Orange Ride in which fans are encouraged to wear orange and “ride to the game”.

Like the above flyer states, there are two ways to master the Orange Ride – ride to the game from home, OR meet up with 1000’s of your closest, orange-clad pals at the Denver Pavilions  at 10 am to party and THEN ride at noon.

And, please – don’t forget your orange. You don’t want to be heckled, do you? See you there!

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