How To Pick Where to Live in Denver


To some, downtown Denver looks like this map to the left. Lots of sturdy neighborhood names that can be chopped into quirky little nicknames, like “LoHi” (lower Highlands), “Cap Hill” (Capitol Hill), and “LoDo” (Lower Downtown).

It can get confusing, frustrating, and pretty depressing trying to figure out where to live in Denver proper. Not only that, with apartments and homes going faster than they’re being listed, “acting fast” a lot of times is too slow.

We’ve lived here for four years, and are hoping this guide will help you to narrow down where you should live in Denver. We hope it’ll allow you to make those quick decisions when scouring the city for apartments. Continue reading


From Denver’s City Park to the Cap Hill Neighborhood


With the help of 11 bodies & much needed catering from Qdoba Mexican Grille, yesterday Jason, Ashley, Steve and I moved in to two different apartments in Cap Hill. The City Park ‘hood is incredible, and we love all of the amenities that it provided: THE PARK!, Sprouts, good eats, and plenty of bike riding opportunities.



Catering is a must when moving two apartments in one day. Thanks, Qdoba, and thanks to all of our friends for sticking it out with us. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, May 2014


However, we’re all about exploring what this incredible city STILL has to offer, and decided to move to a more central location to downtown: Capitol Hill.

map of cap hill denver

Stay tuned for more adventures as we explore our new digs in Cap Hill.


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