Babes in Bikeland 8 – Denver She Devils Take Minneapolis

Saturday, September 13th, marked the day of the 8th annual Babes in Bikeland event, bringing over 400 women / transgender / femme bike riders together to roam the streets of Minneapolis.

Take care to note that this was a 20+ mile bike race, the distance depending on the efficiency of your mapped route. With both a manifest of destinations and a time limit provided, how you finished (or mapped your route) was up to you! This is no small feat for even those familiar with the territory of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. So, you may ask, what made so many individuals want to participate in this annual race? What makes this race so special?

The answer to that definitely presented itself before the day of the race. Continue reading

Denver She Devils Head to Minneapolis

Today, the Denver She Devils (including myself, Kirsten) start making our way to Minneapolis for the annual Babes in Bikeland race. It’ll be great to see old friends, make new, and have a blast during this race! Follow the Denver She Devils on Facebook to keep up to date on what’s happening in Minneapolis!

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Ladies, if you’re looking for a great way to get back into riding or just looking for a new group of gals to ride with, please come join the She Devils for a weekly ride, or contact the She Devils through Facebook. Continue reading

All About BIKES! Month on DenverSpeax


Denverspeax archive: Kirsten’s first bike race. Photo Credit: July 2013.


Yes, we know that May is supposed to be super-duper, special Bike Month, but here at DenverSpeax, we want to make the next month dedicated to ALL THINGS BIKING. We can’t wait around until May 2015.


bicycles group ink

Grabbing ice cream and riding bikes – tough life. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Summer 2014


And, when we say “all things biking” we really mean it.
Check out these upcoming events, and feel free to participate: 


blue bike


Thursday, August 28th, 2014 – Bike Denver‘s Cycle In Cinema
7:30 PM REI Denver Parking Lot
We will ride from Cap Hill to Denver’s REI Parking Lot to watch
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure on the Big Screen outside!
(Event is *FREE* with a Bike Denver membership)

Friday, August 29th, 2014 – Denver She Devils Babes in Bikeland Fundraiser
7:00 PM Denver Bicycle Cafe
Auction, fundraiser, raffles, and give-aways of sweet BIKE THINGS
to raise money for the Denver She Devils’ trip to Minneapolis’ Babes in Bikeland Alleycat race.
(Event is *FREE*, however donations gladly appreciated)

Saturday, September 6th, 2014 – New Belgium’s Tour de Fat 
Registration: 10:00 AM
Bike Parade: 11 – 12 PM
Party in City Park West with New Belgium: 12 – 5 PM
Costumes are strongly encouraged for the parade!
(Admission is *FREE*, registration required, all proceeds at party benefitting Bike Denver & Denver Cruisers)

Saturday, September 13th, 2014 – Babes in Bikeland Alleycat Race
Cheer on your Denver She Devils that will be riding their hearts out
on an approximately 30 mile Alleycat race in Minneapolis, MN.
(If you are interested in participating in this race with the She Devils, please get in contact with either
The Denver She Devils or Denverspeax).

denver group bicycles

Filming the video for CitySpeax. Denverspeax archive: May 2014.

As additional events pop up, we will be sure to let you all know. Rides, bike-friendly hangouts, etc – we’re excited to show you all what biking really means in Denver. 

Make sure you add us on Instagram  and Twitter (@denverspeax) and follow us on Facebook for the most updated information.

Denver She Devils – Fundraiser, Raffle, & Auction! Aug 29th

It’s that time again! The Denver She Devils will be hitting the road for their 2nd Babes in Bikeland Race in Minneapolis, MN, taking place Saturday, September 13th, 2014.


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The Denver She Devils are Denver’s first All-Ladies Urban cycling group. Click on the logo to learn more about them! Photo Credit: Denver She Devils Facebook Page.

Not sure if you recall, but DenverSpeax did a special feature on the She Devils roughly one year ago (see article here). Since then, they have organized even MORE rides and are looking at additional community involvement as far as bike classes for women, and other special events. Stay tuned for more on those fun events later… it’s time to promote!



Babes in Bikeland 7 (last year, 2013) – The Line Up! Photo courtesy of Babes in Bikeland Official Page. Click on the picture to learn more about this awesome alley cat race.


It costs money to enter races. It costs money to get to races. Let’s be honest, every aspect costs money! And, with being such a new group to Denver, the She Devils have to fundraise a TON in order to be able to make these things happen.


They need the Denver community’s support – YOUR support! 



Click on the flier to be brought to the She Devils’ Facebook page for more information.



This Friday, August 29th, 2014, the She Devils will hold their annual Babes in Bikeland fundraising event at Denver Bicycle Cafe. Come on down for the food, beer, and festivities including an auction, give-aways, and raffle. Just like last year, it’s sure to be a heck of a good time. All of the fun starts at 7 pm, so make sure you head down early, mingle, and grab a spot. Hope to see all of your bright, shining faces there!


Any questions? Contact Denver She Devils or DenverSpeax (feel free to comment below as well) to help us spread the word, join rides, and get involved.

She Devils logo

Follow the fun on Twitter.

Hey, what about Facebook?





The Connection Between Women, Bikes, and the Community – Denver She Devils

DenverSpeax was created at a time when I didn’t have a job, barely knew anyone, and had zero sense of the Denver community. We had just moved here from Michigan, and I hadn’t the first clue in where to meet people, or even if I did, how to become friends with them. Honestly, the website has proven to be a key tool in diving directly into the community, head first – taking it for everything it has to offer. By doing so, I’ve connected with the bike community, and in turn, made ridiculously awesome friendships. This is where the Denver She Devils come in to play: they will prove to be the missing link in my connection between biking and the Denver Community.


Image courtesy of the Denver She Devils Facebook Page. Make sure to click on the picture to visit, and of course, like ’em!

The Denver She Devils formed one day out of the blue; experiencing some anguish brought on by, well, life, Mia decided she wanted to go for a bike ride… but just with the ladies. Altogether, the women along decided that this shouldn’t be a ride based upon shitty circumstance, but moreso an often recreated celebration for the love of riding as well as the women-friendly, communal environment the more-frequent rides could provide.

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but bike racing in Denver is not only extremely popular, but also pretty male-dominated. While I’m not a hater on the guys – biking should be open to everyone – I must say, it can be pretty intimidating to a lady in the bike scene. Especially those who feel inadequate in their riding abilities, equipment, image, etc. The Denver She Devils connects women with biking in a way that provides support to overcome those inadequacies, or feelings of low self confidence; they have created a supportive environment that truly provides little to no excuse for women to not get up on that bike, and give ‘er a whirl. This is the support that Mia provided for me during my first race, which to me is of inestimable worth.


Team She Devils, ready to represent Denver in Minneapolis this upcoming September 2013 in the Babes in Bikeland race. Click the picture to be taken to their Facebook page (where this picture came from! Thanks, gals), and of course, like ’em!

Furthering their love for the community, the She Devils put together a team of four ladies to compete in largest female/transgender alleycat race in the country, taking place this September 14th, 2013 in Minneapolis – Babes in Bikeland. Rookies and pros alike comprise the team of 4, consisting of Annelise, Ashley, Mia, and Danielle; each contributes a unique experience and skill to the team, making them well-equipped to represent our amazing city, Denver, in such a large race. By supporting our Denver She Devil team, we support the better integration of women into the racing scene, as well as our city’s love of community and riding. To learn more about the team, check out their bio’s from their official website. Or, you could just come to Eden (located at 3090 Downing Street in Denver) this Saturday, August 10th, at 4 pm MST.

The fundraising event being held at Eden will include auctions, other give-aways, dancing, and a full cash/credit bar. We need to make sure that the team has the funds, proper equipment and attire, among many other things to represent our great city in Minneapolis. Bring your supportive A – Game and get ready to get down with Team She Devils and many from the bike community (and beyond) this Saturday. For additional information, click here to be taken to the public Facebook event.


Credit: for the outside shot of Eden. Click on the pic to be taken to their yelp info.

If you’re unable to attend the Fundraising Event this Saturday, no worries – opportunity for donation is located at the bottom of the home page on the Denver She Devils‘ website.

Ultimately, getting involved in the community, and furthermore, with riding and racing can be a little scary. Will I be accepted? I’m not that good. How will I keep up? Can I do this? The Denver She Devils, as well as other bike organizations, are quick to help, putting minds at ease to such fears of riding shortcomings. Their love of riding as well as their hope and support for everyone else’s involvement with the fun, Denver bike community makes the Denver She Devils an incredible organization. They’re not only fun to be around, but inspiring to women in the community. They provide that missing link between the two that is apparent in every aspect of the organization.

Support and join our Denver She Devils – I can promise you a positive experience.