Qdoba Mexican Grill – Helping the Home State

Stop in at your local Colorado Qdoba today only to donate to the Colorado Flood relief fund, and as a “thank you”, they’ll provide you with a coupon for free chips and three-cheese queso for your next visit. Check out the picture posted, and stop on in. Qdoba is matching the donations up to $20,000 – how awesome is that?! Come help out those that have lost so much. See you there!

The Connection Between Women, Bikes, and the Community – Denver She Devils

DenverSpeax was created at a time when I didn’t have a job, barely knew anyone, and had zero sense of the Denver community. We had just moved here from Michigan, and I hadn’t the first clue in where to meet people, or even if I did, how to become friends with them. Honestly, the website has proven to be a key tool in diving directly into the community, head first – taking it for everything it has to offer. By doing so, I’ve connected with the bike community, and in turn, made ridiculously awesome friendships. This is where the Denver She Devils come in to play: they will prove to be the missing link in my connection between biking and the Denver Community.


Image courtesy of the Denver She Devils Facebook Page. Make sure to click on the picture to visit, and of course, like ’em!

The Denver She Devils formed one day out of the blue; experiencing some anguish brought on by, well, life, Mia decided she wanted to go for a bike ride… but just with the ladies. Altogether, the women along decided that this shouldn’t be a ride based upon shitty circumstance, but moreso an often recreated celebration for the love of riding as well as the women-friendly, communal environment the more-frequent rides could provide.

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but bike racing in Denver is not only extremely popular, but also pretty male-dominated. While I’m not a hater on the guys – biking should be open to everyone – I must say, it can be pretty intimidating to a lady in the bike scene. Especially those who feel inadequate in their riding abilities, equipment, image, etc. The Denver She Devils connects women with biking in a way that provides support to overcome those inadequacies, or feelings of low self confidence; they have created a supportive environment that truly provides little to no excuse for women to not get up on that bike, and give ‘er a whirl. This is the support that Mia provided for me during my first race, which to me is of inestimable worth.


Team She Devils, ready to represent Denver in Minneapolis this upcoming September 2013 in the Babes in Bikeland race. Click the picture to be taken to their Facebook page (where this picture came from! Thanks, gals), and of course, like ’em!

Furthering their love for the community, the She Devils put together a team of four ladies to compete in largest female/transgender alleycat race in the country, taking place this September 14th, 2013 in Minneapolis – Babes in Bikeland. Rookies and pros alike comprise the team of 4, consisting of Annelise, Ashley, Mia, and Danielle; each contributes a unique experience and skill to the team, making them well-equipped to represent our amazing city, Denver, in such a large race. By supporting our Denver She Devil team, we support the better integration of women into the racing scene, as well as our city’s love of community and riding. To learn more about the team, check out their bio’s from their official website. Or, you could just come to Eden (located at 3090 Downing Street in Denver) this Saturday, August 10th, at 4 pm MST.

The fundraising event being held at Eden will include auctions, other give-aways, dancing, and a full cash/credit bar. We need to make sure that the team has the funds, proper equipment and attire, among many other things to represent our great city in Minneapolis. Bring your supportive A – Game and get ready to get down with Team She Devils and many from the bike community (and beyond) this Saturday. For additional information, click here to be taken to the public Facebook event.


Credit: Yelp.com for the outside shot of Eden. Click on the pic to be taken to their yelp info.

If you’re unable to attend the Fundraising Event this Saturday, no worries – opportunity for donation is located at the bottom of the home page on the Denver She Devils‘ website.

Ultimately, getting involved in the community, and furthermore, with riding and racing can be a little scary. Will I be accepted? I’m not that good. How will I keep up? Can I do this? The Denver She Devils, as well as other bike organizations, are quick to help, putting minds at ease to such fears of riding shortcomings. Their love of riding as well as their hope and support for everyone else’s involvement with the fun, Denver bike community makes the Denver She Devils an incredible organization. They’re not only fun to be around, but inspiring to women in the community. They provide that missing link between the two that is apparent in every aspect of the organization.

Support and join our Denver She Devils – I can promise you a positive experience.

It’s All About Community – City Park Jazz

Pavillion within City Park Credit: Kirsten Ebey May 2013

A relaxing Sunday afternoon approaches us, filled with sunshine, yard games, friends and family, and, yes – Jazz in the Park. I’m referring to City Park Jazz in Denver, which happens only 10 times each summer, specifically on Sundays from 6 – 8 pm MST. Free concerts consisting of mostly jazz, salsa, and blues genres bring the community of all ages together drawing on a tradition that actually began 130 years ago.

City Park Jazz, a charity that is community-based and supported, consists of numerous volunteers that collect donations during the free show and help with the upkeep of the park before, during, and after. Many groups show their support and love for Denver, but not quite like this organization; honestly, nothing shows love for Denver like collecting over 80,000 fans in a single City Park Jazz season (2011 – Credit: City Park Jazz).

What’s so cool about sitting in a random park on a Sunday listening to music? Oh, I’ll tell you, my friends:


Lynz visiting from LA May 2013 Credit: Kirsten Ebey

The park boasts 317 acres of raw, beautiful landscape including Ferril Lake, the infamous boathouse, ponds, paths, wide-open grassy areas, and trees new and old. The sounds from City Park Jazz only enhance the surrounding beauty.


Moguls on a walk in City Park May 2013 Credit: Kirsten Ebey

Dog Watching
You can bring your dog (on a leash)! Many people do, which calls for a pretty eclectic mix of Denver’s canines. My friend Shawna is very good at pointing out specific breeds of dogs and filling me in, which is super interesting! We’ve seen some pretty cool, rare breeds that I doubt I’ll be able to see again (anywhere short of watching Animal Planet). If you bring your four-legged friend, please remember bags for their business, and keep in mind that 100’s of dogs will be in the surrounding area. Trust me, it’s not made for everyone.

People Watching
Do I need to explain? You have thousands of individuals in one area of Denver. Entertaining is an understatement.

You can make and bring your own, or hit up a few of Denver’s finest Food Trucks. Note your wait time will be long unless you visit the trucks early.

Hanging out at City Park Jazz May 2013 Credit: Some dude nice enough to take the picture for us. Thanks!

Friends and Family Time
I hope I don’t only speak for myself when I say that I absolutely love being with my friends and family, hanging out, drinking a few beers (you can bring that, too!), and playing yard games, like LadderBall. At City Park Jazz, you can do all of these things in the presence of those who are most awesome in your life, while listening to music for free. Pack up some snacks and a cooler of beer, and scope out / secure a spot early before the show starts. There’s plenty of room, but depending on your viewing preferences, or yard games being hauled along (badminton requires a little more space, just saying), get there before 4 pm MST to secure your epic location. You don’t want to be stuck next to the smelly guy and the screaming child, do you? Also, if parking close to the park, you’re going to need to leave EXTRA early. If you can walk or bike there, that’s your best bet.

So there you have it – the rundown on City Park Jazz. It’s such a cool experience that this great city offers and should definitely not be passed up this summer. Check out the schedule of acts booked, and scam the website for additional information on how to get involved with the organization.