Remember to Breathe


“Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.”

-Nia Peeples



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Summer Storm Set – Who Will You Be?

buildings, sky & light

A summer storm. Photo Credit: Steve Mercer, July 2014

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

– Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore


buildings & sky

Another view of the summer storm. Photo Credit: Steve Mercer, July 2014


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The Royal Rush Bicycle Poker Run 2 – Less than a week away!

This year’s Royal Rush 2 Poker Run will mark the anniversary of our first bike race EVER, and we are more than pumped!


Click on the picture to check out the event presented by Denver Chain Chase – thanks to them for letting us borrow this pic from the event as well!


Here’s the skinny: 

  • 5 checkpoints at local, Denver bars.
  • At each checkpoint, participants receive a playing card.
  • Registration starts at noon this Saturday, June 28th, 2014; race starts at 1 pm at CoCo Bikes.
  • Prizes will be awarded for fastest men’s / women’s times, best card hand, most beers drank, DFL, largest bar tab, best costume, etc…. So you’re not the fastest? No problem – there’s still a chance to win something cool.


If you’re looking for a fun race with a chance to meet some great people, this is definitely your race. It’s a great introduction into the world of bike racing, and you’re guaranteed to have a blast while doing it. Last year’s event was incredible- can’t wait for this Saturday!


brother and kirsten

Flashback to last year’s Royal Rush Poker Run. Click on the pic to read all about it! Photo Credit: DenverSpeak Archive, June 2013.


Check out the Royal Rush 2 Poker Run Event on Facebook presented by Denver Chain Chase and sponsored by Raw Rolling PaperCoCo BikesMile High Tee ShopABUS, & Polar Bottle.

Urban Hiking – Yes, it’s a real thing.

Denver….er, well, Colorado’s weather hasn’t been cooperating much as of late. Tornados, hail, rain, thunderstorms, you name it. It’s making it pretty hard for us to conquer the remaining miles in the June Hike Challenge.

Planning hikes and then having the weather screw up your plans is not only frustrating, but can cost you gas money, time, and energy. For these reasons, plus not wanting to let another day go by sans hiking, Moguls and I set out on an Urban Hiking Adventure around the capitol this afternoon and knocked two more miles off of our 50 mile goal. 45 more miles to go!

Take a look at our journey!


When life gives you rain, bring an umbrella. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, June 2014



Have you ever noticed the paintings inside the archways in and around Civic Center? Beautiful work. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, June 2014


Swimming, anyone? Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, June 2014


Urban hiking is actually a real thing – people document their urban hikes throughout cities, including cool quirks like staircase connections, unseen walkways, and much more. Moguls and I kept to the sidewalks and walkways of the different parks, but look forward to finding interesting, less-traveled parts of Denver on our upcoming excursions.

Urban hiking is not only less costly then driving somewhere to hike, but it’s also good for the environment.

alamonte pond

Halfway through our Urban Hike, the sun started to shine again! Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, June 2014



Love the contrasts of all of the different colors, shapes, and sizes of the buildings downtown. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, June 2014



There’s artwork all around – go walk around and snap some shots. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, June 2014



More amazing artwork around Denver. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, June 2014



Moguls’ favorite part – the fountains! Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, June 2014


Get out there, Denver. Urban Hike! Get to know your city using the power of your own body. 


Our favorite shots from the Urban Hike. Get outside and check out your own city! What new things will you find when you’re face-to-face? Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, June 2014


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Walking About Capitol Hill, Denver

With the boxes lining the walls of our new place, and the beautiful weather calling our names, yesterday Steve and I walked a 4 mile radius around the apartment. We remembered what it was like to be brand new to the city, and had a blast being tourists all over again. Check out the sights and fall in love with Denver again.


Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, May 2014




Denver County Courthouse. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, May 2014



Bison sculptures on the 16th Street Mall. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, May 2014



Standing at the corner of 17th and Wazee in downtown Denver, CO. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, May 2014



View of Union Station Denver. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, May 2014



The tracks of the remodeled Union Station Denver. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, May 2014




Union Station Denver. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, May 2014



The Colorado State Capitol Building. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, May 2014


Whether you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood in Denver, you’re visiting Denver, or you’ve been in Denver for years, get outside and remember what you love so much about this great city.


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Dishcrawl Denver: Cap Hill Edition


Visiting Central Bistro in LoHi on our last Denver Dishcrawl. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Mar 2014

It’s time for another Dishcrawl, Denver style. This time around, we’ll be exploring  good eats in the Capital Hill area, starting off with City O’ City, a great eatery we’ve heard a TON of great things about, but haven’t been to yet. Starting at 7 pm, we’ll stroll around Cap Hill, lead by our fearless leader, Maggie, and hit a bunch of restaurants that are a MYSTERY until arriving at the meet up place.

Check out Dishcrawl Denver to sign up for the 30th event and others coming up. If you’re vegetarian, just make sure you let them know when you sign up! Spread the word – this is a great way to get to know different communities, small businesses, and new people around Denver.

Check out our other features on the last Dishcrawl and a taste of what it’s all about: Stop 1: LoHi Tavern and Stop 2:BambuCycles.

Hope to see you there, friends!

Denver Ski and Snowboard Expo – Faves


Hope everyone got a chance to make it down to the Convention Center to check out the expo today! The two boards pictured were my favorites by High Society Freeride, an Aspen-based “global lifestyle brand aimed to serve those who live a lifestyle of physical expression”. I still have my very first board, which was a High Society Scarlet – so many great memories with that board! Hoping to get my hands on the special-edition Twin board pictured right.

Epic passes have been received, gear has been purchased and organized….. It’s time to shred, friends.

Make Music Denver! – FREE event – Friday, June 21st

Make Music Denver! - FREE event - Friday, June 21st

(Credit: Make Music Denver Official Website, June 2013.)
Make Music Denver is making their 2nd Annual showing this Friday, June 21st, presented by the Downtown Denver Partnership and the Downtown Business Improvement District. Per the website (click on picture), downtown Denver will support musicians from 520 cities and 106 countries at varies venues from 8 AM to 8 PM. This event is FREE and for ALL AGES. Take a peak at the site for venue and additional info. Also, check out Make Music Denver’s Facebook page, and like ‘em. Support local events, local artist, and local movements. See you there!