Drinks, anyone? Earls Restaurant – Glenarm

Honestly, Denverspeax may be a little bias… But we stand strong on the topic of Moscow Mules and that Earls Restaurant makes the best. Not really your thing? No worries – try a signature Frozen White Peach Bellini or an Earls Old Fashioned.
Stay tuned for more on one of our favorite, casual/fine dining restaurants that we have a love-love relationship with…
P.S. Hope you like our first attempt to post from a mobile phone! Whoop whoop!

Park & Co – A Fun “Some Place Else”

Situated uptown Denver on 17th, we stumbled upon (not the site- the physical activity) Park & Co when we were looking for a good place to have a light dinner. Of course, there are other fantastic restaurants in the same area, but we’d been to those – it was time to give some place else a chance.

It was love at first site – the patio Park & Co sports is more than legit – I would place this patio somewhere in the top 5 of awesome summer patios. There’s adequate seating and space so as not to feel cramped, and it’s a short walk right to the bar inside of the restaurant.

Although Park & Co is known for their award-winning burgers, I’m not much of a burger kind of gal. I know, not very patriotic of me, but I just like to try different dishes! And, that we did.


Gorgonzola-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, mmm mmmm good! Credit: Steve Mercer, SEPT 2013 Click on the picture to be re-directed to Park & Co’s food menu!

Our appetizer consisted of Gorgonzola-stuffed dates that were wrapped in juicy, delicious bacon; upon advising a friend where we were having dinner, he insisted we order these delicious treats. Thanks, Mitchell! We weren’t let down in the slightest. This appetizer is so rich and good – completely takes the edge off of starving individuals (like us).

Being a little over-zealous, we also decided to order the Moroccan Lamb Sliders with cucumber mint yogurt. The presentation was amazing, and the sliders were incredible! I’m a huge fan of anything remotely resembling greek cuisine, and had to try them out. Another amazing food journey, brought to us by Park & Co!


Lamb Sliders from Park & Co. Credit: Steve Mercer, SEPT 2013. Click on the picture above to be taken to their Facebook page! Make sure you like ’em.

Both appetizers we ordered actually complimented each other well. I loved the uniqueness of all of the appetizers listed on their menu, and look forward to trying more. I was also surprised that they didn’t cost an arm and a leg; what incredible small plates for the buck. When you glance at the menu as a whole, you’ll notice it not only screams courage and creativity, but is priced incredibly well so that patrons have the ability to try multiple dishes. Great job, Park & Co! We applaud you.

Additionally impressive is their drink menu. Just sayin’. Not only do they have plenty of great brewskis on tap, but their cocktail creations are fantastic; the mules are right on the money, and the jalapeño-infused vodka watermelon cocktail I ordered was exactly what I needed – refreshingly sweet & spicy. Of course, seasonality is going to play a part when ordering cocktails, so stop in and see what they’re mixing up! Happy Hour is from 2 – 6 pm Monday through Friday, and 11 pm until close each night, creating plenty of opportunity for you, friends, and co-workers.


Jalapeño-Infused Vodka with any sort of sweet, refreshing juice is an awesome summer cocktail. Credit: Steve Mercer, SEPT 2013

I’m incredibly happy we found this place – it’s such a nice, chill atmosphere with friendly people – all enjoying and partaking in the same trendy, unique, and DELICIOUS dining experience. I suggest riding your bike, taking a cab, or walking if possible as parking can be limited on popular nights and weekends. There are plenty of spots to lock up your bicycle!

Stop in and check it out – play a little foosball while you’re at it. (Yes, they totally have a table!). Hope to see you there.

Your Local Watering Hole – The Elm

Walking into The Elm on Colfax brought me back a few months – back to a time when I frequented my local watering hole in Grand Rapids, Michigan: The Playstation Pub. Visiting always guaranteed good company, cheap drinks, and a ridiculously good time. Nicely enough, I felt this same genuine and welcoming vibe from The Elm the first time myself and 3 girlfriends had dinner and drinks there.

This homey, casual bar is comfortably situated at 5001 E. Colfax, on the corner of Colfax and Elm, in the Park Hill neighborhood.


On the corner of Elm & Colfax – check out the Elm’s awesome porch! Click on the picture to check out the Elm’s website, where this fabulous picture actually came from. Thanks, Elm! Credit: The Elm Official Website, Aug 2013

Not only does the Elm have a bad ass patio, but the inside bar is also perfect to watch the game, enjoy happy hour after work with friends, or get together for lunch or dinner (like the ladies and I did).

The Elm provides a plethora of creative burgers and sandwiches, making each meal memorable. Also, everything is so moderately priced that you don’t have to save your pennies in order to visit frequently. Check out the epic meals the ladies and I devoured (with a couple of brews, of course!):


The Elm’s Pulled Pork sandwich; delicious with coleslaw on top! Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2013.


Amazing Reuben sandwich! Obviously, the Elm doesn’t skimp on the meat and other ingredients. Credit: Ashley Rentz, July 2013


Quite sure you’ll leave The Elm full. If not, there’s something wrong with you, or you’re a competitive eater. Click on this pic to be brought to The Elm’s killer specials page. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2013

There’s room in the back, or on the street, for parking, but we always like to encourage bike riding. There are plenty of spots available to lock up your bike, so why not ride it?

Stop in at The Elm – grab a delicious burger, and slam a brew with some friends. Football season is almost underway, and I can guarantee the DenverSpeax crew will be in attendance at The Elm rallying for our fave teams across the US. Hope to see you there.

Milk Bar – Not the Chocolate, but the Sweet Place on Broadway


Logo borrowed from Milk Bar’s Facebook Page. Click to visit and Like ’em! You know you should… Credit: Milk Bar Facebook Page, June 2013

3 Rooms, 3 DJ’s, 3 bars – if there’s not something you like at Milk Bar, then I hate to say it, but pal – there’s something wrong with you. Steven Mercer, my other half, and I headed over to Milk Bar last Saturday night on a tip from a friend in LA. He advised us that his friend would be spinning at Milk Bar, and that he was amazing to watch and listen to. This is our first “club” atmosphere that we’ve dove into since living in Grand Rapids, MI, so of course, we were completely skeptical before arriving. To be honest, we told our friends that we’d be home an hour later – the goal was to stop by and support a friend of a friend. So, we left our apartment at about 11:00 pm to catch a cab to the alley entrance behind 1037 Broadway in Denver, CO. 


Yeah, we didn’t get home until about 2:15 am, if that says anything. 


As Beaux (far left) explained, “It’s not that hard to make friends here – just walk up to people and start talking to them!” So, we did. And were rewarded with a picture. Credit: Steven Mercer, June 2013

When you walk into Milk Bar, you think, “What am I getting myself into?” Answer: Awesome Fun Happy Time. Milk Bar as a whole supports three separate rooms with three separate DJ’s, genres of music, dance floors, lights, and bars. There’s also a large smoking patio connected, so it’s unnecessary to leave the bar to have a cigarette; drinks are welcome on the patio. 

Every walk of life inhabits Milk Bar, which is what made Steven and I fall in love with the place immediately. I don’t dress in “gothic” attire, nor do I dress “steam punk” or have cool piercings, but I love those who do, and I love the ability to be in the same vicinity as those who are so comfortable with just being themselves and having a great time. This is what Milk Bar is all about – they provide the opportunity for anyone and everyone to come, let loose, and be themselves, regardless of what you’re into. They support so many genres of music with different atmospheres that it sucks in an incredible amount of different individuals, all with the same goal in mind – a good time. 


We did not bring the “big” camera, so in order to show you the aesthetic beauty of this great place, I’ve borrowed the above picture from Milk Bar’s Facebook Page. Please click on the above photo, visit their Facebook Page, and Like ’em! Credit: Milk Bar Facebook Page, July 2013

Aside from the great atmosphere and the welcoming people, the drinks were great. Nicely poured without robbing my pocketbook (totally just called a wallet a pocketbook). Both Steven and I stuck with liquor, and weren’t broke when 2 am rolled around. Keep in mind there is cover – we paid $5 to get in last Saturday, which is a cheap fee for the stiff drinks, awesome people, and great music.

Suggestions before going to Milk: 

  • Put on your dancing shoes. 
  • Download Shazam. Not all of the songs will register, but it’s worth a shot – they spin some great music! 
  • Check out their Facebook page to see what events are coming up and who is spinning.

We’re hoping to stop by again this upcoming weekend, and let loose at Milk Bar. Hope to see you there, friends. 

It’s Wednesday!! – Denver Bike Night – Denver Cruisers

It’s that time again! Each Wednesday, a theme is chosen and Denver bikers meet in one of three locations, disclosed by Denver Cruisers. This week, the theme is Bible Belt and Panties. What does that mean? What do you wear? Hell if I know, this is only my second time attending… but one thing I can guarantee is that it’s going to be awesome. Here are some pics from last week: 


Download the DBN To-Go app to find out more about tonight’s meet-up location; Denver Bike Night website is also available for further info. I hope to have a more informative write up for you all tomorrow after I join my second Bike Night tonight! Keep your eyes peeled for info regarding the after party as well. Can’t wait to see you there! 

Tacos, Tequila, and Whiskey – Yes, please!

Honestly, I ask you – what else do you need from a modern, Mexican eatery? Not only is the food outrageously good, the wait staff is incredible within this dim, but welcoming, restaurant.


Lengua (left) and Pollo (right) street tacos served at the restaurant. Credit: Kirsten Ebey June 2013

Inspired by “comida de la calle” or, Mexican Street Food, Pinche Tacos brings the street taco to a whole new level, serving up perfectly portioned favorites like pollo (chicken), carne (beef), carnita (pork), and new faves, like lengua (beef tongue). Served on two small tortillas, the tacos are ordered from what looks like a tapas-inspred menu, complete with appetizers like the mouth-watering queso fundido con tequila (see picture below).

Personally, working in the Food & Beverage industry, I have my eyes peeled for a few things: righteously-flavored food with a presentation, a waitstaff that could either be my new best friend or I barely notice (depends on the scale of restaurant being visited), and a cool ambience. Pinche’s Tacos (yes, for all of my Spanish-speaking friends, that’s the real name) delivers all three, and makes it look effortless.


Queso Dip at Pinche Tacos – credit: Kirsten Ebey June 2013

Because of this (and building / seating constraints), wait times can, and most likely will, exceed 45 minutes during peak times (weekends, dinner); this should NOT stop you from visiting either the Highlands location, or the Capital Hill location on York. Grab a drink at the bar! There is an indoor dining area complete with bar in addition to outdoor patio seating featured at the York location (closest to where I live – have not checked out Highlands yet). Also, for all of our bike lovers here in Denver, there are ample, secure places to lock up your bike (again, I speak for York). Don’t feel like stopping by and sitting down? No worries – they have their own food truck! Hunt them down.


Pinche Limeade credit: Kirsten Ebey – May 2013

If you’re concerned about who to bring – don’t be. Pinche Tacos is appropriate for all ages. The 21+ crowd will definitely enjoy the Happy Hour menu. I strongly recommend the Pinche Limeade, and look forward to trying their other signature drinks. Shouldn’t be too difficult as members of the DenverSpeax crew roll into Pinche’s every week.

Hope to see you there! Cheers and Happy Eats.


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