Skiboarding at Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

Last weekend, we rolled up to A-Basin to skiboard (some of us ski, some of us snowboard – this magical word includes both) for the day. The first and only time Steve and I visited Colorado (October 2012), we skiboarded A-Basin; it was great to experience more than one run being open and nice, short lines. Check out the photos from last Sunday on the mountain:


View from one of the lifts at A-Basin. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Jan 2014


Last chair of the day – the wind was nuts and visibility on the way down was shadows at best. Totally worth every second! Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Jan 2014


Our last run of the day. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Jan 2014


It’s great to be reminded every once in a while! Especially after a nice yard-sale in the middle of the mountain. I mean, not that that’s ever happened… Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Jan 2014

Excited to get out on the mountain this upcoming Saturday – hopping in the car and heading West is such a great feeling.

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Mount Evans Scenic Byway- The Road to the Clouds

Based 35 miles outside of Denver, CO, Mt. Evans rests at an elevation of 14,264′. The Scenic Byway climbs more than 7,000′ in approximately 28 miles, according to CDOT, and provides spectacular views of the land, mountain ranges, wildlife, and plantlife.


It’s lonesome at the top, right? Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Aug 2013

The road to the summit of Mt. Evans is a scary one – lots of cliff-hanger views a foot outside of the car. Our good friend Michael drove us to the top while we all laughed nervously and inched toward the middle of the car. Well, all of us except our Moguls (the little dog), and our good friend Sarah, who was visiting from Michigan and has driven Highway 1 in California.


Sarah getting a little puppy love from an excited Moguls on the way to summit. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Aug 2013

Once arriving at the summit, the small hike to the top took about 15 minutes. The four of us were able to stand the 45-degree weather for about 10 minutes before we descended; also, a storm was about to roll in. Be sure when planning a trip to Mt. Evans you check the current weather status and be prepared for the possibility of snow, lightning, high winds, hail, and heavy rain year-round.


Sarah and Moguls heading to the top of Mt. Evans. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Aug 2013


Steven and Moguls hiking up. You can see the road below as well as get an idea of some of the life-changing sites on this trail. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Aug 2013

Just to be clear – we did not do the entire 14er hike that is available. We drove to the summit, as previously noted. Of course, we hope to do a 14er in the future, but understand that it takes a lot of energy, experience, and physical awesomeness. Things we will continue to work on.


“The Abyss”. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Aug 2013

Check out the pictures from our Mt. Evans ride and hike here, and more on DenverSpeax’s Facebook page. While you’re there, like us!


Michael looking out into the clouds. Pictured is where cars are parked at summit. The hike to the very top takes approximately another 15 minutes. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Aug 2013


Another view from the short hike to the top of Mt. Evans. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Aug 2013


Driving up to the top was a bit nerve-racking at times! Still beautiful, nonetheless. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Aug 2013