Summer 2015 Kids Arts, Crafts, & Fashion Camp at ShareDenver

At least once per day, I think about Summer Camp growing up.

summer camp poster

I went to Summer Camp every summer in New Orleans, LA, as both of my parents worked. My younger sister, Cat (pictured with me below), older brother, Walker, and I (Kirsten) hung out at Little Farms Day Camp in River Ridge, Louisiana, for  nearly three months every summer for about a little over half of a decade. Continue reading


Cool Off with Magill’s World of Ice Cream

ice cream to go

For coworkers that are near and dear to my heart, I will buy them the best cake on the Front Range for their birthday: a Turtle Ice Cream Cake from Magill’s World of Ice Cream.

Often, coworkers will say, “Oh, no! You don’t have to do that…Seriously!” Yeah, okay – let me let you in on a little secret:

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU & YOUR BIRTHDAY. It’s about me getting some Magill’s Ice Cream. 

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Experiencing the Colorado Rapids – MLS Denver


Having a brew at Three Lions before catching the bus to the game. Click on this photo to be taken to the Three Lions Official Website! Pictured: (left to right) Shawna Jones, Kirsten Ebey, and Kat Wood. Credit: Steven Mercer, July 2013


For the 4th of July, our good friend Mitchell urged us to see a Colorado Rapids MLS game – it would totally be the way to go to celebrate the holiday. Being a fan of sports in general, we said, “Hey, why not?!” Last Thursday, we watched the Colorado Rapids take on the New York Red Bulls at Dick Sporting Goods Park. Afterwards, we were treated to the sounds of Denver native emcees, Flobots, and a spectacular fireworks show outside of the stadium – all of which included in the price of our game tickets. Obviously, Mitchell had it right – definitely the best way to celebrate the holiday with friends. 

The 6 of us who went bought tickets online not only for the game (roughly $30 including fees & tax), but also a bus ride ($10) to, and from, the game (drinking and driving isn’t cool – be responsible). We bought our game tickets through The Rapids website, or Ticketing Central, or TicketFly (there are numerous places to purchase – pick one!). As for the bus ride to and from the game, we purchased these through Centennial 38 (C38). When purchasing the game tickets, just remember which credit card you used online to pay with them, and they will scan that same card at the entrance in order to print your tickets for you. Regarding the bus tickets, make sure you print out a copy to bring with you – this is your bus pass. 


Check out Centennial 38 to reserve your seat on the bus by clicking on this photo! Pictured (left to right): Steven Mercer, Mitchell Blystone, Kirsten Ebey, Kat Wood. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2013

Now, let’s talk about the bus ride, because this is an experience all in itself. We all decided to ride our bikes from our apartment complex to Three Lions on Colfax, and catch the bus ride from there to the game at 7 pm. Of course, we stopped to get a drink before bus time, and were ready to rock at 7 pm. When boarding the bus, you are welcomed with friendly faces, and beer – how awesome is that? Sheets with chants are on nearly every seat, and shouted sporadically on the way to and from the game. The organizers are not only passionate about the Rapids, but also about the fans having a great experience with Denver’s beloved soccer team. There’s absolutely no reason why you should not purchase a bus pass if going to the game – parking at Dick’s can be a shit show, as you will wait nearly an hour to leave depending on where you end up getting a parking spot. Better not to worry about it, or your alcohol intake vs. driving abilities, and just hop on the bus with your friends!


Colorado Rapids fans cheering their favorite soccer team on through the end of the game. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2013


Shot from the south bleachers after scoring the 2nd goal of the night. Credit: Kirsten Ebey, July 2013

Once we arrived, the stadium was packed with people of all ages, including families and friends interested in ringing in America’s independence together. Plenty of Concession stands are available with the coolest staff, only caring about your experience and getting your concessions to you quickly; they serve everything from beer-itas, to hot dogs, to healthy chicken sandwiches, to pizza. Expect stadium prices, but cash and credit are both accepted. 

There wasn’t a moment that the 6 of us, as well as the other thousands of fans, were not invested in this intense, fast-paced game – each of us kept the pride alive while cheering for the Colorado Rapids. There wasn’t a time when spurts of rejoice, booing, or clapping couldn’t be heard, making it evident that Denver truly cares about their talented, and hard-working team. The support lasted the entirety of the game. Maybe not as important, but I was also impressed when “the wave” made a consecutive 8-lap appearance around the stadium. What a blast – it’s so cool to be a part of a soccer community that is so positive, inclusive, and awesome. The Rapids played an amazing game, defeating the New York Red Bulls 2 to 0 – way to go, guys! 

I can’t wait to go back; better get a jersey, or a “kit”, first just to ensure that everyone knows who I’m rooting for. As I heard multiple times before, during, and after the game, “I BLEED BURGUNDY!” DenverSpeax has totally jumped on that band wagon.