Get Outdoors Closer to Denver: Chatfield State Park


A hop, skip, and a jump from downtown Denver lies Chatfield State Park situated in Littleton. The massiveness and diversity of land in this park allows for a ton of recreation that we often overlook due to its close proximity to Denver.

chatfield state park

Chatfield State Park is located about 30 minutes away from Downtown Denver, making it super accessible for all of us city dwellers.

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Summer 2015 Kids Arts, Crafts, & Fashion Camp at ShareDenver

At least once per day, I think about Summer Camp growing up.

summer camp poster

I went to Summer Camp every summer in New Orleans, LA, as both of my parents worked. My younger sister, Cat (pictured with me below), older brother, Walker, and I (Kirsten) hung out at Little Farms Day Camp in River Ridge, Louisiana, for  nearly three months every summer for about a little over half of a decade. Continue reading

How To… Make Kirigami Stars


Pictured are the beautiful Kirigami Stars that our Craft Expert, Becky R., taught us how to make. For more info on teacher Becky R. & Share Denver, click on the photo to visit the website.

Here in Denver, we crafters are lucky because a magnificent place called Share Denver exists; this fun, down-to-earth crafting space is located just off of 29th St. on Fairfax and ran by one of the coolest chicks we know. There are a variety of classes, spanning the crafting spectrum for reasonable prices – most classes include instruction as well as all materials needed (unless otherwise noted).

Not only does Becky Hensley, owner of Share Denver, teach classes like Crochet 101 and Cross-Stitch 101, she also brings other passionate and skilled crafters, like Becky R., in to teach classes like the one we attended today – Kirigami Stars. Here’s what we learned… Continue reading

The Denver Botanic Gardens & Dale Chihuly

Taking a trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens not only revitalizes your mind and spirit, but can also help with reconnection for different levels of relationships. It’s not hard to relax and admire the beauty surrounding you with someone else!

We last saw the Chihuly Exhibit a few years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park; when we heard it was coming to Denver, we could hardly wait, remembering how beautiful it was in one of our home towns.

As an added bonus, from now until November 30th, you can check out the amazing Chihuly exhibit at our very own Denver Botanic Gardens.

daylight reflection

Chihuly Exhibit. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Sept 2014

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ARTCRANK Denver 2014: Making art accessible

Denverspeax is in love with all things “bike”, so it’s no surprise that when we heard Artcrank was coming to Denver, we had quickly penciled it in.

Yesterday, we rode our bicycles from Capitol Hill to Ink Lounge on Fox for Artcrank Denver, a FREE admission Poster Party. There, we wandered throughout different rooms to gander at all of the unique, bike-inspired posters created by local Boulder and Denver artists.

Our favorite was a poster that totally resembled one of our own, badass Denver She Devils, Mia.


Images of Artcrank Denver at Ink Lounge. To learn more, click on any picture to check out Artcrank. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Aug 2014

Signed and numbered copies were available of each poster, allowing admirers to take pieces home. In addition to the posters, there were other artists selling their wares and pieces, all while the Oskar Blues brewskis were flowing.

Artcrank has a mission Denverspeax can really stand behind: making art as accessible as bikes.

This is an interesting thought as more and more cities become bike safe & bike friendly as well as more and more school systems cut funds for art. As adults, when you’ve grown up and branched out from a district that didn’t, or couldn’t, focus much of its funding on the arts (whether it be musical, visual, or performance-driven), you sort of have to reinvent your thinking surrounding ideas of art. Additionally, as we get older, sometimes it can be a little difficult to keep that imaginative switch on in our brains. It takes practice, patience, and lots of throwing caution and insecurity to the wind.

Coming up this fall and winter, Denverspeax will really focus on the arts, and how to get involved and reignite your creative juices!

Check out the Artcrank on Facebook to learn about the cities in the UK & the US they will be visiting. Contact them for a great opportunity for your community and local artists!



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Colorado Rockies Vs. Cincinnati Reds

We get it – as far as losing goes, the Colorado Rockies nail it. We have 75 losses this year in the National League (the Texas Rangers have 76, if that makes anyone feel better), but that hasn’t stopped us from having a blast every time we go & root them on! 

jeff jake dana

Baseball is better watched with friends you can scream with. From left to right: Jeff, Jake, Dana. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, Aug 2014.

Not only do the Rockies have a team you can feel good about cheering on (seriously… they need our claps and cheers, people), but Coors Stadium is amazing! Who else has Blue Moon Brewing at the Sandlot? Want to work on your tan and get tickets on the cheap? Rockpile. Want to mix and mingle while catching a game? Check out The RoofTop, a Rooftop/patio designed gathering area for fans to watch the game, established just this past year. 

Last Friday’s game against the Cincinnati Reds may have not been a winning game, but it had some of the best Colorado sunsets I’ve seen yet! Check it out: 

outfield sunset

Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, 2014. Click on the photo to check out our Twitter page for more upcoming events and happenings!

rockies sign sunset

Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, 2014. Click on the photo to check out our Twitter page for more upcoming events and happenings!

mountains and sunset

Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, 2014. Click on the photo to check out our Twitter page for more upcoming events and happenings!

baseball diamon sunset

Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, 2014. Click on the photo to check out our Twitter page for more upcoming events and happenings!

Get your friends and family together and head down to Coors Field after work or on the weekend. Ticket’s aren’t that pricey, and it’s a blast! End of September will mark the end of the season, so hustle up: schedule is posted here

To have the opportunity to catch a baseball game after work easily and inexpensively is such an awesome benefit to where we live. Don’t take it for granted – take advantage of it! 

We’ll see you there, singing, dancing, and cheering! 

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Valverde Bazaar Pop-Up Outdoor Market – 1 Day Only!

valverde bazaar facebook pic

Check out one of the coolest Colorado home-grown, hand-made flea markets around – the Valverde Bazaar. Click on the photo to check out their Facebook Page! Photo courtesy of the Valverde Bazaar’s Facebook Page, May 2014


Set up in the outdoor space of Eron Johnson Antiques, this 1-day Pop-Up Market will launch their second season this upcoming Saturday, May 17th. Open from 9 am – 4 pm, the Valverde Bazaar will show off over 70 local, crafty vendors toting vintage, antique, and creative offerings to the public.

As if home-made goods and beautiful collections weren’t enough, food trucks and live music are also on the roster for this upcoming Saturday. Check out the Bazaar located at Eron Johnson Antiques on 389 South Lipan Street in Denver – it is a FREE event, suitable for all ages, and is a great way to get outside. Support local artists and bring a friend or two! There will be so many amazing booths, great food, and sunshine – something we all need after the blizzard of last night!

For more information, check out the Valverde Bazaar on Facebook.