The Hipster Speed Ball – The Student’s Drink of Choice

“Hipster Speedball”. Well, that immediately sounds drug related. No worries – it’s not. Just a new, funny nickname for a beer combination I had this afternoon at the delightful Denver Bicycle Cafe.


Thanks, Denver Bike Cafe, for the great brew! I feel accomplished and relaxed. Goal achieved. Photo Credit: Kirsten Ebey, 2014.


1 part Wynkoop Cow Town Milk Stout & 1 part espresso, the Hipster Speedball is the perfect craft brew choice for the student trying to hammer out some work. Visit Denver Bike Cafe today to party with them on their 3rd birthday! Cake at 7 pm MST sharp. Don’t be late.


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“Jedi” Masters of the Brewniverse next week! at Denverspeax we really enjoy going to The Oriental Theater. Add in Craft Beer, good people, a contest, and all profits benefiting Mile High United Way. This is an event we will definitely endorse. We will be there, will you?

Cost is $25 which includes beer and general admission to watch the brewery pageant.

Must be 21+ years. We would recommend using public transportation, metro cab, or Uber to find your way there, and especially your way back.

For more information, click the banner at the top or check out the Event Page posted by the hosts Wynkoop Brewery.