Misfits Reunion? Count us in.

This September will mark our fourth visit to Riot Fest Denver, and even though the line up hasn’t been released yet, news of the Misfits Reunion tour has been announced which includes a stop in Denver at… you guessed it! RIOT FEST 2016!

Misfits skull

Picture borrowed from the official Misfits’ website. Click & travel. 

I remember being 16 and smitten with this really cool guy who, thankfully, taught me a great deal about music- how to appreciate it, what top 40 didn’t sound like…you know, important things. He was headed to Detroit to see this band called The Misfits, and so one of my best gals, Mallory, and I drove to the complete opposite side of the state of Michigan to see some horror punk band I had never even heard of. Needless to say, it was a memorable show.

If this announcement doesn’t have you opening a new tab and purchasing your tickets to Riot Fest right now, I’m not sure what will. We view this as a once in a lifetime sort of show, and can’t wait to check them out. Definitely one of our fave bands, and it will be amazing to see them live this September.